All Signs Point To Yes: What a kids toy can tell us about moving to a new BD

Odds are you’ve picked up a Magic 8-Ball at one point in your life. You held the billiard ball shaped orb in your hand, asked a yes-or-no question, and then flipped it over to reveal the “answer” which floats towards a window amidst a mini-sea of blue dye. There are 20 possible answers to the […]

Going Independent? 3 Marketing Must-Haves

The Importance of a Digital Strategy Building Your Brand The Power of a Compelling Narrative For advisors that are looking to break away from a wirehouse or are in the process of breaking away, it’s time to start thinking about your digital presence. As you venture out into the independent landscape, you want to start […]

The 3(x) Questions Of Going Independent

Money Matters The Numbers Behind Going independent  Benefits and Costs of Breaking Free Chances are, at one point or another over the course of your career, you’ve pondered the idea of breaking away from the wirehouse. After all, the thought of going independent can be an exhilarating, albeit intimidating, idea — more control… more money… […]

Take This Step Before Starting To Plan Out 2022

From growth goals and new real estate to personnel and new opportunities, it’s business planning season, the time of the year when most everything is up for consideration. Should moving to a new firm be on the table for consideration?  The short answer is – yes! Many advisors test the waters this time of year […]

Right Now May Be The Best Time Ever To Move To A New BD (A Story In 3 Charts)

why now may be the best time to move

At many firms, the biggest factors in determining the size of your transition package are AUM and trailing 12 revenue.  With markets continuing their upward climb, odds are your numbers have never looked better.  And since we all know it isn’t a matter of “if”, but “when” we see the next bear market  – locking […]

The Journey To Independence – Is It Worth The Cost?

RIA Financial Advisors

To breakaway or not to breakaway Hear what independent advisors have to say Independence with no regrets The year of independence is upon us. Whether advisors liked it or not, many found themselvesacting as independent advisors last year, even if they hadn’t officially broken away. Our webinar with Cetera’s John Pierce goes in depth about […]

Over $3B Exits Merrill: What Should Those Still Holding On At The Herd Do?

Merrill Lynch

It could be a long holiday weekend for Merrill Lynch execs looking to patch the hole in the side of their barn blasted by over $3B in advisor/team exists in just the past few weeks. As reported by AdvisorHub: Washington State-based team that is led by William A. “Andy” Allison and Jay Buxbaum and produced […]

Recruitment Deals: Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty

Glass Half Full Recruitment Deals

Understanding Your Perspective Big Pay-Day vs. Long Haul Value Building The Truth behind Transition Packages There’s a glass of water on the table. The water sits at about the halfway line of the glass. Now the classic question, is it half full or half empty?  There’s no right or wrong answer and everyone sees it […]

Taking The Leap

Advisor Trends Taking The Leap

It’s a classic scene – a kid at the pool braving the high dive for the first time. They muster up the courage to climb the ladder to the top only to realize just how high it really is. They’re afraid, ready to turn around and retreat back to safety only to find the next […]

The Benefits Of A Business Valuation

practice valuation

Countless business owners avoid going through a valuation due to having a misinformed or antiquated view of what occurs. Many believe incorrectly that the process of getting a valuation is intrusive, time-intensive, and expensive, but that was yesterday. The reality is, getting a valuation of your business is one of the best things you can […]