Over $3B Exits Merrill: What Should Those Still Holding On At The Herd Do?

It could be a long holiday weekend for Merrill Lynch execs looking to patch the hole in the side of their barn blasted by over $3B in advisor/team exists in just the past few weeks.

As reported by AdvisorHub:

  • Washington State-based team that is led by William A. “Andy” Allison and Jay Buxbaum and produced $8.2 million in revenue on $1.6 billion in assets moved on Wednesday (September 1st) to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio-based duo overseeing $600 million in AUM left for Rockefeller on Friday (September 3rd).
  • Santa Barbara, CA team with $391 million in AUM left for UBS (August 31st).
  • $500 million AUM team joined RBC Wealth Management in the Chicago suburbs

At the ¾ pole for the year Merrill is in 2nd place on the biggest losers list and advisors still sticking around have to be asking themselves how long can they hold on (and why?).

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