Unlock opportunities with a certified practice valuation

A valuation provides much more than just a dollar figure showing what your business is worth.

It shows you which areas of your business are strong and are providing high value. It can also help identify where the gaps are and how you can bridge them.

By benchmarking your business with a valuation, you can more effectively make smarter decisions for your practice.

Unlocking opportunities with a practice valuation

if you don't measure it,
you can't improve it.

We think Peter Drucker would agree with our take
on his famous quote - and you should, too.

If you are actively looking to grow your business,
you need to put a stake in the ground.

Once set, you can begin to see what changes
move the needle, and which ones risk wasting money.

Profit Per Client

Determining this informs so many of the decisions successful advisors make. When to add staff, how to allocate resources, and ultimately the value of the practice when it comes time to sell.

3 and 5 year projections

These key metrics give advisors the ability to see down the road and begin to understand how changes (or staying status quo) can impact revenue and profitability.

Practice Comparison

Report card style grading makes it easy to see how you measure up against peers. Much more than "keeping up with the Joneses," this benchmarking can light the path to a more profitable practice.

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Our valuations add value to your operations

23 Pages With the power to Change Your practice

Part history book, part guide post…it is likely our valuation will be the most comprehensive look at your business you’ve ever taken.

In terms of your future, your timing couldn’t be better. Get started today and begin reaping the benefits of the insights we uncover as early as next week.

Plus, a certified valuation opens the doors to financing from Live Oak Bank and the SBA.  Be sure to ask us to connect your valuation with possible financing options.

Certified Practice Valuation

$ 1195.00 / valuation
  • Practice metrics
  • Peer comparisons
  • 5-year revenue trends
  • Practice profit margin
  • 10-year practice value projection
  • Tax implication breakdown
  • Deal terms breakdown
  • Profit per client
Frequently Asked Questions

Our certified valuations are equal to (and in many cases) better than others you may be familiar with.  As advisors ourselves, our goal was to create an opportunity to incorporate a valuation more often - think of them like yearly physicals.  We know price can be a barrier to that so we’ve priced our valuations in such a way that you can easily bake one into your budget each or every other year. 

Once we've been provided all of the necessary information our valuations usually take 3-5 business days.  Expediting a valuation is possible, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

In addition to providing a comprehensive view of where your practice is at right now, as well as projections and plans for the next 5-years, we are credentialed to provide valuations that are accepted by banks (including Live Oak Bank) and the SBA for financing, as well as being trusted documentation for M&A and succession planning.

Yes.  We have extensive experience in guiding advisors through the challenges of selling a practice (and ensuring you receive the maximum value). To begin, send an email here with your contact information.

3xEquity revealed crystal clear to me reasons to be excited and frightened about my practice.”

Craig N Independent Financial Advisor

“In the 25 years I've been in the industry this is the most powerful practice management tool I've ever seen.”

Bill W Senior Leadership

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