All Signs Point To Yes: What a kids toy can tell us about moving to a new BD

Odds are you’ve picked up a Magic 8-Ball at one point in your life.

You held the billiard ball shaped orb in your hand, asked a yes-or-no question, and then flipped it over to reveal the “answer” which floats towards a window amidst a mini-sea of blue dye.

There are 20 possible answers to the question you ask, 10 are “affirmative”, 5 are “non-commital”, and 5 are “negative.” 

8 ball answers

When considering a move to a new broker-dealer, the Magic 8-Ball might not be the most reliable source of advice, but the odds are probably weighted correctly.

In 2021, the scale might tip advisors more towards the affirmative based on these 3 anomalies.

  • With the stock market soaring, your trailing 12-month revenue (T12)- what offers are based on, might be at its highest point ever.
  • Several BDs are paying well-above market for top talent right now in an effort to grow
  • Even if you don’t move, having an offer in hand can enhance your planning process – and securing offers doesn’t cost you anything.

Taken into consideration, advisors who are curious might find “Signs point to yes” to testing the waters.

If you are one of them, we can help you secure multiple offers right now from top regional and national BDs.

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