Going Independent? 3 Marketing Must-Haves

  • The Importance of a Digital Strategy
  • Building Your Brand
  • The Power of a Compelling Narrative

For advisors that are looking to break away from a wirehouse or are in the process of breaking away, it’s time to start thinking about your digital presence. As you venture out into the independent landscape, you want to start out strong and stand out in the crowd – and that means developing and executing a branding and marketing strategy with digital as the core tenet. 

As you begin to create your strategy, it’s imperative to tailor your plan to the employment agreement with the wirehouse, paying special attention to the specificities related to protocol vs non-protocol firms.

Not sure where to start? Here are 3 key objectives you should be focusing on as you form your digital strategy.

  • A Strong Website — The Face of Your Business 

In most cases, your website is the first place that a prospective client will go. And in many ways, it serves as the face of your business and the source of many clients’ first impressions of the firm. You want a website that wows visitors, piquing their interests and driving them to learn more through strong calls-to-action and lead capture forms. 

These days, having an outdated website, or no website at all, is a deal-breaker for prospective clients. In their eyes, your website acts as an extension of your advising abilities, thus having a top of the line, impressive website is paramount. 

  • Getting your Name Out There — Standing Out in the Crowd

As you break free and venture out on your own, you lose the massive outreach capabilities that come with being at a wirehouse. You no longer have the big name to back you up and must generate new prospective clients on your own. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can go a long way for a newly independent advisor. Given how much we rely on search engines to help us find just about everything, being at the top of the search engine list can pull a lot of weight and be critical in driving people to your site. 

  • Telling Your Unique Story — The Compelling Narrative

A big part of creating your new identity is creating a brand narrative that brings your firm to life — setting you apart and differentiating you from the pack. As you push to gain new clientele, having a compelling story that relates and resonates with both your current clients and prospects will be critical to success. With more consumers wanting to connect with businesses and brands versus simply transact with them, telling your unique story is essential. From you mission to your vision to your values, spend the time needed to define just who you are and what you stand for. 

And what’s one of the best ways to put your story out there? Blogging. Through blogging, you not only keep new, relevant content on your site to help boost client engagement but can also help your SEO efforts. This format also allows you to tell deeper stories about your firm, your approach and your role in the extended community you live

We all know there’s a lot on an advisor’s plate as they make the decision to break away from their wirehouse and go independent. With so much to get done, adding the need to develop a digital marketing and branding strategy may seem overwhelming. But with 3xEquity, we’ll help make the transition easy and quick, allowing you to spend more time building your strategy. It all starts with us providing you with three offers from today’s leading broker dealers.

Visit 3xEquity.com today to get started on your path to independence. 

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