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LPL is the largest independent broker dealer in the country and enjoys a  positive reputation in the industry, with many recent movers giving it high marks in our annual advisor surveys.  Are they for everyone?  No.  Could they be the right fit for you? Perhaps.

LPL offers multiple platform options which could provide an advisor with 10+ years left in their career the chance to get paid twice while only paper once (ask us about how this is done – it doesn’t get talked about much and can be a super-smart way to monetize your book without much extra work.

  • One of the lowest fee structures and highest payouts in the industry
  • As many different flavors as you can imagine.
  • Unique, cohesive culture built around service for the client
  • Wide range and one the most flexible product lines up out there.
  • Socially conscious
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Lots to like here.  From the top down, a well run organization that gives advisors plenty of room (and support) to grow.

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