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At nearly 180 years old, Laidlaw decided to expand from just being an investment bank to providing wealth management solutions.  Still small (that advisor # isn’t a typo), and with a limited footprint (19 states), you won’t get lost in the weeds here.  The biggest question to ask is, how small is too small? 

Offer a turnkey approach to advisors with investment banking, capital markets, banking, 10b5 plans, 401k’s, estate and trust planning, internal and external legal counsel and a team that deals with high-end needs for hedging and monetization.


  • They give stock ownership in the company to advisors
  • Can get pre-IPO share access
  • They highlight the ability to do business internationally. 


  • W-2 model only
0 +

Financial Advisors

0 % T12

Typical transition package

$ 0 M +

Assets Under Management (AUM)

$ 0 k +

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RIA, Bank channel, independent, W2/Employee, Call Center…you will find it all at RayJay (and we haven’t even mentioned Steward Partners, their RIA option focused on $1million+ producers – high-touch/boutique-level service and experience for the advisor).


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