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Cetera prides itself on having a boutique feel, where advisors truly feel as if they are not just a number. Top-notch technology (that they are happy to share in a live tech demo during the courting process – many BDs only offer a static demo).

Some may worry about their private equity ownership, to that they will counter that this means more than ever that they are focused on the well-being of advisors (and clients) versus shareholders.  In the near-term that is a compelling argument.


  • Great payout- up to 95%
  • Very flexible – a la Carte, pick whatever you want
  • Flexible in structure as well, BD has 6 different flavors to choose from.
  • Strong support for 401K focused FAs 
  • All licensing and fees (E&O etc) cost ~$6-7000/year
  • Offers coaching and assistance to grow advisor practices 


  • Private equity ownership make long-term prospects potentially murky.  
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We like Cetera, a lot.  Some great energy, good people, and a culture of mentoring and support that can help good advisors become great.

Short term their private equity ownership isn’t an issue and we can make an argument that if there is a sale somewhere down the road it might be a win-win for advisors who have taken advantage of all Cetera is willing to invest in their success.


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