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RBC has solid name brand recognition and a lot of inertia right now.  

They just hired a new head of recruiting who brings significant online experience to the job, quite likely the status quo environment for many things going forward (don’t wave goodbye to VIP visits just yet, but know they likely won’t come back in full force anytime soon).


  • Understand the value of technology in this changing landscape.  If your tools are subpar you could unlock a new world of opportunity at RBC.
  • CRM technology was average so they switched over to Salesforce. A big win for Advisors. 
  • International-facing firm means options aren’t limited to the US


  • They don’t spend lavishly, though advisor payouts are above average.
  • Canadian Bank
  • Lack of good local leadership
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3xEquity Insights

Opportunity Score

Can a firm be both aggressive and conservative?  RBC rides that line and for many advisors seeking a W-2 model, they’d probably be a great landing spot.

Strong commitment to keeping the brand name unvarnished, they’ve worked hard to not embarrass advisors, which is a baseline ask for anyone trying to prospect in a competitive environment.


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