Avoiding The Mousetrap

Recognizing the Cheese Not all Moves are Created Equal Winning the Recruiting Game With the number of advisors looking to make a move on the rise, it’s time to start taking a closer look at the deals some broker-dealers are bringing to the table. We’re all familiar with the premise of a mousetrap — the […]

BD Shopping Season Is Underway

Browsing for Broker-Dealers  Exploring Your Options Finding the Best Home for Your Business The holiday season is finally upon us and that means it’s also the biggest shopping time of the year. People flock to the nearest stores, and online marketplaces, to secure all the popular products and find the best gifts, at the best […]

The Anatomy Of An Offer

Each year we  help hundreds of advisors explore options for switching to a new broker dealer.  Some are seasoned veterans who have been down this road before, some having already moved 2-3 times in their careers.  Others are brand new to the process who are looking for support and education every step along the way.   […]

Don’t Look Back With Regret…Moving With Confidence

Goals for the New Year Living with No Regrets Transitioning Made Easy Now more than ever, advisors find themselves with a plethora of options for their business and where they call home. Every day, it seems like new models and related offers pop up to entice you to make a move. Equally, broker-dealers are accelerating […]

At The Crossroads Of Independence Why You Should Take The BD Route

The Power of Team & Culture The Custom Fit for Your Unique Business Clear Lines of Communication In recent years, we’ve seen more and more advisors opt to leave their wirehouse and venture into the independent space. Some will go the RIA route, some will go the broker-dealer route… and others will find a hybrid […]

The Hidden Price Tag Of Transitions

The Hidden Costs of Change Minimizing the Expense of Transitioning Embrace the future… Transition and Evolve   Change is inevitable. For better or for worse, it happens. Just think about how much change has occurred in the past year and a half. Now, focus on the change it brought to the financial services industry — client […]

Taking A Client First Approach

Keeping Your Clients Happy Building Strong Relationships The Power of a Fresh Start When it comes down to it, the name of the financial advisor game is building relationships. And that means keeping clients on track towards reaching their goals and, in a word, happy. Dedicated advisors work day-in and day-out to accomplish these, and […]

The Pandemic Pivot (and the Influence of Technology)

The Advantages for Those with Top Tier Tech The Need to Commit to a Digital Client Strategy Tech Integration’s Role Post Pandemic The pandemic forced almost everyone to drastically alter the way they work. At first, advisors found themselves in unchartered waters with in-person client meetings out of the question and a new office set-up […]

Don’t Let An OOOF Message Derail Your Plans To Move in 2021

Out of office

If you are moving your practice in 2021 we’ve got some important news.   If you are wondering if there is still time to change firms before the end of this year the answer is “yes.”  The timeline for a move is usually 2-3 months, but we have recently helped advisors motivated to move quickly streamline […]