LPL Moves To Zero

LPL with a complete game changer

ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER: LPL announced that it is lowering its Strategic Asset Management Pricing (SAM) on a sliding scale to 0 basis points depending on an advisor’s assets under management (AUM).  You might want to read that back to yourself slowly…ZERO. Note: This fee is known by other names at other firms, including Global Admin Fee […]

Embracing Opportunities In The Growing RIA Space

embracing ria opportunities

In the backdrop of a challenging 2022 economic landscape, where both stocks and bonds experienced unprecedented declines, the financial planning industry faced a significant decrease in Assets Under Management (AUM). Yet, despite these challenges, Registered Investment Advisors provided a highlight amidst the difficult times in the way of organic growth.  Schwab recently released their 17th […]

Record Recruiting Quarter For LPL


Exciting things are happening over at LPL. While many of their industry peers are hiding their broker headcounts in their quarterly reports, LPL is taking the opposite approach and highlighting theirs. The firm is boasting another record quarter for recruiting, ending Q2 on a high note.  LPL, the largest independent broker-dealer, hit a record number […]

Three Steps to Take When Your BD Has Been Acquired

M&A activity in the advisor space has reached a feverish pace of late, leaving many advisors who are part of a firm being acquired with a critical question: “Do I go to the acquiring firm, or do I explore other options?” While the tendency may be for an advisor to think they must, or should, […]

Bank of America Gift Wraps Another Reason For Big Teams To Bail On Merrill Lynch

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Bank of America just got caught ‘pulling a Wells Fargo’; opening accounts on behalf of customers without their permission. Merrill Lynch has been every wirehouse and independents pipeline for the past five years, and this news isn’t going to slow that down. In a decisive move […]

What the Twitter Rebrand Can Teach Advisors About Transitioning

Though numbers have been waning since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media company at the tail end of 2022, 300+ million users experienced a significant change to their beloved app – it’s no longer called Twitter, it’s simply called “X”. We’ll avoid any comments on the weirdness of this choice and instead focus on […]

Morgan Stanley Feasted On First Republic Demise; Despite Lower Upfront Payments

morgan stanley feasts on frb

At some point being one of the worlds largest, deepest, and arguably most integrated global bank and wealth manager makes a difference. That difference was clear in the midst of the regional banking crisis at First Republic specifically.  Morgan Stanley, which remains the ‘real’ Wirehouse leader in advisor headcount here in the US. (**no it […]

Defining Your Why Ahead Of Selling Your Practice

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into building your practice. So, when the time comes to sell, it’s essential to approach the process with a clear understanding of your motivations and goals. Before putting your business up for sale, it’s important to define the “why” behind your decision. What are your reasons for […]

Too Busy To Transition?

We’re in the throes of summer now and many other things besides your next career step are likely taking precedence, but should they?  Offers are still high, technology differences between firms is widening in some cases, your clients product and servicing needs are changing…in fact, now might be exactly the right time – but how […]