Understanding Bitcoin: An In-Depth Guide for Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Clients

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has transitioned from a niche digital curiosity into a mainstream financial asset, attracting attention from individual investors, institutions, and governments alike. This transformation has been accompanied by significant volatility and a complex underlying technology, posing challenges and opportunities for wealth management clients. For financial advisors, it’s imperative to develop a […]

Even More Top Client Acquisition Tips For 2024

Elevating Wealth Management: Innovative Strategies to Expand Your Client Base in 2024 In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management, the quest for growth and differentiation is perpetual. As we navigate the complexities of 2024, wealth management professionals are presented with unique opportunities to redefine their approach and elevate their business to new heights. In this […]

Atria Advisors Need To Control The Conversation In Acquisition

If you’re an advisor under the Atria umbrella (Cadaret Grant, CUSO, Grove Point et al) you’ve probably had a few restless nights since it was announced that LPL would be acquiring Atria.  It makes sense.  One day you are just humming along, handling business the way you want with a growing BD that is seemingly […]

Data Doesn’t Lie; RIA Growth Acceleration

The numbers don’t lie; in fact, they continue to accelerate. In the evolving landscape of wealth management, the RIA trend has gathered strength over the past half-decade: a significant number of financial advisors are transitioning away from the traditional bulwarks of the industry—namely, giants like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and UBS—in favor of joining or […]

Why Choice Is The Ultimate Super Power For Atria Advisors

We’ve written a lot recently about the dominance of LPL in the recruiting wars.  They are an absolute juggernaut right now with a value prop that is incredibly appealing to many advisors. So this next statement may seem strange – if you are an Atria advisor you might want to consider fielding offers from other […]

Rockefeller Recruiting Expansion Continues; Bank Teams In Focus

Rockefeller doesn’t seem to have any interest in slowing down its aggressive focus on recruiting large, tenured teams. Since 2018 much of that focus has been pointed at the like of Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and UBS. Lately, Rockefeller has found fertile ground in the private banking sector, luring large teams from First Republic, Truist […]

Top 5 Client Acquisition Techniques For 2024

Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz said, “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.”  Your regional manager (or that voice inside your head) may have said something similar. We’re one month into the new year and for many advisors growing remains the biggest to-do on their list.  […]

Cresset’s Nesvold Resigns; Abrupt Departure Wasn’t A Surprise To Insiders

Cresset's Nesvold Resigns

The wealth management industry is abuzz with the news of Liz Nesvold’s resignation from Cresset. While her departure may seem sudden to some, insiders familiar with the situation reveal that it was a well-considered decision, driven by factors such as perceived limitations and frustrations arising from shifting mandates within the rapidly expanding Registered Investment Advisor […]

What Do 1,385 Financial Advisors Know That You Don’t?

Ok, so technically the number is higher, but to keep matters clean let’s just call it 1,385 advisors, 256 in the 4th Quarter alone!  That’s how much LPL’s advisor headcount jumped in 2023.   To quantify that further, $80 billion in recruited assets was added to LPL in 12 months by advisors walking up to […]