Navigating The Future Of The Financial Services Industry

It’s no secret that the financial service industry is constantly evolving with new trends, new technology, and new niches constantly popping up. While staying current with the latest and greatest can be easier said than done at times, it’s necessary to try and stay competitive—if not one step ahead.

The CFA Institute has recently established a new center to address some of the most impactful themes coming out of the investment industry. One of their latest reports, Future State of the Investment Industry, explores the key themes of the new center’s mandate and looks at where the industry may be heading in the next 5-10 years.

Here are some of the big takeaways about the potential direction the industry is headed in:

  • Greater Personalization: With the diverging values and goals amongst different demographic groups and geographic regions, it will necessitate the development of more personalized investment products that will need to be both easy to access and mobile-friendly. 


  • New Investment Solutions:  As certain generations begin to age and with the introduction of younger demographics, there will be greater demand for new approaches to retirement planning and products, leading to the need for new, innovative investment solutions. 


  • AI: A big topic this year has been the introduction of AI and whether or not firms should implement it. It seems like AI isn’t going anywhere and firms should find ways to use it for some of the more busy work, allowing them to free up valuable time and give more focus to their clients. 

 In the ever-changing landscape of the financial service industry, staying ahead of the curve is critical for staying in business. With the growing importance of personalization, innovation, and integration, adapting to these trends will be instrumental in not only thriving in the current market but also prepping for the future shifts that lie ahead. Now is the time for advisors to evaluate their current situation and determine if their broker-dealer is taking the necessary steps to keep up with where the industry is headed. 

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