Asking for Referrals the Nike Way

Asking for referrals the nike way

In the world of financial advising, referrals are a powerful tool for growth. However, many advisors struggle with asking for them. Understanding the dynamics of referrals is crucial, and the traditional 20/20/60 rule provides a useful framework: 20% of your clients are eager to refer you, 20% will NEVER refer you for reasons that have […]

Time Management Tips For Financial Advisors

Time Management Tips For Successful Advisors

As a financial advisor, effective time management is essential for maximizing productivity and achieving your business goals. Here are some time management strategies that can help you be more productive and efficient: Prioritize Tasks Identify the most important tasks you need to accomplish each day and prioritize them based on their level of importance and […]

Will U4 Dings Impact My Ability To Move To A New Broker-Dealer?

Transparency and integrity play an outsized role in the perception of financial advisors. But as we know, things happen.  The U4 disclosure form, which outlines an advisor’s disciplinary history, can play a critical role in establishing (or diminishing) trust and credibility with clients. Negative entries or “dings” on this form can create hurdles when advisors […]

Breaking Down LPL’s Recent Recruiting Dominance

LPL Financial‘s popularity and momentum in the financial advisory sector are underscored by its impressive performance in recruiting assets. According to data from AdvisorHub, in 2023 alone, LPL managed to bring in a net of $91 billion in assets through its recruitment efforts. This figure is particularly remarkable when compared to its competitors; the next […]

What An In-House Recruiter Might Not Be Telling You

As a financial advisor contemplating a move to a new broker-dealer, understanding all your options is crucial for making an informed decision. Often, your first point of contact will be an in-house recruiter who is naturally inclined to present their firm in the best possible light. However, while in-house recruiters can be a valuable source […]

How Financial Advisors Can Manage Political Discussions with Clients

Election season is upon us and advisors may increasingly find themselves in uncomfortable territory.  Politics can easily seep into discussions, potentially affecting client relationships. Here’s how financial advisors can maintain professionalism and focus on their clients’ financial goals, irrespective of political differences. Establish a Neutral Professional Environment The first step in keeping politics out of […]

Comp, Culture, and Control: Why Financial Advisors Switch Firms

Making a move to a new broker-dealer is often a strategic decision that can significantly enhance both professional success and personal satisfaction. Career-minded financial advisors may find themselves contemplating such a move, driven by the promise of better alignment with their goals and life values – not to mention the promise of a significant payday. […]

Two Merrill Teams Bolt For Greener Pastures; UBS and Sanctuary Wealth

In the world of high finance, where the suits are sharp and the egos sharper, Merrill Lynch just felt the sting of losing not one, but two sets of their star players. The Bucher tag team—Matthew senior and junior—decided to take their financial ball and play in UBS’s court, while the dynamic duo of Joseph […]

Go Woke Go Broke (Statement or Question?)

Financial advisors are increasingly finding themselves at a crossroads concerning the political and social stances of their broker-dealers. The transition of financial advisor Clayton F. Ortloff from Merrill Lynch to LPL Financial, as highlighted in recent AdvisorHub article, underscores the growing scrutiny of these alignments. This shift invites a deeper exploration into whether advisors should […]