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Every year, thousands of advisors make a big career move. Some go from a wirehouse to a broker-dealer or wirehouse to RIA, and some move from broker-dealer to broker-dealer. No matter what scenario you are looking at, working with a Transition Specialist is not only a game-changer — it’s gaining the advantages of having a ringer in your corner that comes with no cost to you! 

Got your attention? Then let’s try and open your eyes to opportunity with an inside look at our Transition Specialist business model to help you better understand why using a service like 3xEquity is both crucial and convenient.

Higher Probability for a Bigger Payout – With many years of experience under our belt, we know the industry and the market inside and out, from both the advisor and broker-dealer perspective. Deals cross our desks all the time as we help advisors make a move and negotiate the best deals. That means we have a deep understanding of the nuanced language and details of the deals currently being offered and can tell when there might be more money on the table. 

For the DIYers out there, chances are the offer you currently have might not be the best offer that you could negotiate. Without a basis of knowledge and experience, you are really just hoping for the best deal rather than knowing the best deal. That’s one reason working with a transition specialist can play a big role in getting the most for your move. 

Our Compensation Doesn’t Come from You – Some advisors think services like 3xEquity get compensated from their own pocket. After all, we are getting you the best deal. But the truth of the matter is working with a Transition Specialist comes at no cost to the advisor. We get compensated by the firm an advisor moves to once the move has been completed.

While the fee may look different from Transition Specialist to Transition Specialist, it will never be given to an advisor and should not affect the advisor’s compensation. There’s no reason not to work with a Transition Specialist when it ultimately comes at no cost to the advisor. 

Giving You Time Back – Going about a transition on your own can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. From dealing with all the paperwork to researching and meeting with potential firms, the time commitment of going at it alone keeps you from spending your time elsewhere and focusing on continuing to run your business. 

By tapping into a group like 3xEquity to help you through the transition process, you make efficient use of your time and allow us to adeptly navigate the process. 

Subject Matter Experts – The transition process can be complex with lots of barriers and challenges that spring up along the way. From risks to rewards, the stakes are too high to simply go with your gut or hope things go as well as suitors claim they will. Having an expert by your side can go a long way in successfully navigating the process and getting a favorable outcome. 

We’ve spent years learning the ins and outs of transitions so we can help guide advisors through the entire process, answering all their questions and giving advice based on our experience. Your clients rely on your experience and guidance — you can rely on ours.

More Options Means Smarter Decisions – By working with 3xEquity, you can expect multiple offers from top national and regional broker-dealers in just a few days — all while you stay anonymous. With more offers on the table and greater visibility into the quality of the offers, you’re able to really weigh your options and find a place that’s the best fit for your business. We provide you with up-to-date information on all of your options, explain the nuanced language of the deals, and work to find a solution that meets your unique goals. 

Don’t go about a transition alone —  at no cost to you, you can have an expert by your side, looking out for your best interest and helping you find the perfect home for your business. 3xEquity is here to be your Transition Specialist, helping you navigate the process and negotiate the best deal possible. Visit to get started today. 

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