What the Twitter Rebrand Can Teach Advisors About Transitioning

Though numbers have been waning since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media company at the tail end of 2022, 300+ million users experienced a significant change to their beloved app – it’s no longer called Twitter, it’s simply called “X”.

We’ll avoid any comments on the weirdness of this choice and instead focus on what advisors can learn from the move to this new name – namely what not to do.

Advisors moving to a new firm face the task of introducing new branding to their clients (sometimes firm-wide, sometimes just in listing their affiliation) and one thing trumps all when it comes to building a brand.  Can you guess what it is based on this screenshot?current state of twitter

Let’s mark it up and show you…

where twitter went wrong in being consistent with their new brand

Are they “X”? Are they “Twitter”? Am I supposed to “X” or “Tweet”?  I think the prompt for us to type our latest thoughts hits the nail on the head “What is happening?!”.

Being consistent is key.  Not being consistent causes confusion and confusion is not a state any of us wants to leave our clients in.

When moving to a new broker-dealer, one of the things to consider is the strength of the transition team you will be offered and their timelines.  Certainly “X” will have all of this stuff straightened out soon, but wouldn’t it have felt better to have everything ready on day one?  Could they have waited?  Did they not think things through?

Moving with the help of a transition consultant means you have an expert on your team who knows everything that “needs” to be considered to ensure a successful transition, and a consultant on your team costs you nothing.  If you are curious about a move and want to do so in a way that causes the least confusion for your current clients, complete the form below to be connected with the leading transition consultant, 3xEquity.

In the meantime we’ll see you on X or 

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