Too Busy To Transition?

We’re in the throes of summer now and many other things besides your next career step are likely taking precedence, but should they?  Offers are still high, technology differences between firms is widening in some cases, your clients product and servicing needs are changing…in fact, now might be exactly the right time – but how to find the time?


On our blog we’ve made the case for why leveraging the knowledge and resources of a transition consultant like 3xEquity makes sense, we think there are even more reasons to now – given how tight your schedule might have gotten.


For many of us this is prime vacation time, kids are off from school, the weather is ideal, etc. In less than 30 seconds you can provide the information needed for our team to begin the search for your best fit.

Plus, once we begin, we keep you on schedule, setting meetings and keeping up the communication so nothing is lost or lingers.  We make the moving process as effortless as possible.

Market Volatility

One of the reasons clients may be calling more often is because the market has been significantly less stable in the past few weeks compared to the past few months.  Clients once content to watch their portfolios grow and grow are now gripping tighter to each account statement.  For so many advisors this is where we shine, but it means any free time that could be put towards researching a move is likely getting eaten up.  Here’s where 3xEquity can step in and handle your transition for you, from securing multiple offers to keeping you on track with meetings and VIP visits.

Best Fit/Biggest Package

 Even if you had time to reach out to a potential BD to start the process you will probably be limited in the scope of research and connections you can make.  Engaging with each BD can take hours, and even then you may not have gathered enough information to make a decision that puts you in the best position to succeed – there may still be too many unknown unknowns.

Here too 3xEquity can step in and lift part of the burden.  Each year we assist hundreds of advisors in their transition journey and vet each BD (in fact, we have relationships with over 200 of them).  Plus, we see offers all the time, so we know what each BD is offering at any moment and we know when you have maxed out the potential payout from a specific BD (often advisors leave money on the table because they don’t know how far they can push – we help with that).

Whatever your reason, reaching out to a transition consultant like 3xEquity is the smart move for advisors looking to cash in on some of the biggest packages ever from top regional and national broker-dealers. 

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