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Advisor transitions continue to be on the rise even with the unprecedented pandemic changing the industry as we know it. Our most recent Financial Advisor Transition Survey Report shows that since 2015, the number of advisor transitions are up 67%. While the onset of the pandemic resulted in a slight decrease in the number of advisors that moved in 2020, the total was still higher than years prior. 

With so many advisors on the move and many more contemplating a move, it begs the question, “What’s the best, simplest, and quickest way for an advisor to make a move and find the right home for their business?” 

You can do it yourself and use resources, such as individual company websites and AdvisorHub, to find information about a potential new broker-dealer and help with the process. But doing it on your own can be haphazard and time-consuming, leaving you less time to focus on your clients. Also, with all the nuanced language in offers these days, it may not provide you with a firm understanding of the specifics of the deal on the table. 

So, what’s an advisor to do? If you’re considering a move, your best option is to use an advisor transition consultant to help you find the best firm. They know the industry inside and out and have experience with a multitude of broker-dealers. With unmatched expertise, they have the knowledge to help you secure the best deal possible with a firm that’s the best fit for your business. 

Start of the Process
At 3xEquity, we’ve discovered the proven path to a successful transition, helping 100’s of advisors every year. It all starts with entering your practice data. We take this information and secure an initial round of offers from top national and regional broker-dealers. Not to worry, you stay 100% anonymous throughout the process as personal information is not shared with broker-dealers until you say so. 

As we work to secure your offers, we continue the conversation and get to know you better and identify your key and unique wants and needs. We have real people discussing the important details surrounding your big move.

Introduction Time
With multiple offers on the table, it’s time for you to narrow down the list and decide which broker-dealers you’re interested in. We will help you weigh the pros and cons and command a full understanding of each of the offers. With the shortlist in hand, we’ll set up meetings with the right personnel at each firm. 

You can fly solo at the introduction meetings or have 3xEquity at your side to help direct the conversation and ensure the tough questions are covered. Either way, we’ll provide you with critical questions and talking points to guide the conversation and help you get down to the nitty-gritty. This not only gives you a realistic look at the broker-dealer, but it also allows you to be best prepared and confidently ask the tough questions. 

Due Diligence
You’ve had your meetings and once again it’s time to narrow down your list and get started on the next step… the due diligence process. Don’t worry, we’ll work with you to streamline the process and keep the timeline moving at your desired pace. Along the way, we’ll provide guidance, offer advice, and help in identifying and clearing up any potential issues that may arise.  

Decision Meeting
When it’s time for the final decision-making process, we’ll meet with you to identify opportunities and concerns. We help to guide the decision-making process, keeping our focus on your top values, wants, and needs, and look for opportunities that might bring long-term success. It’s at this point in time that we’ll prepare for negotiations, helping ensure we’re all ready when the time comes to open the negotiation discussions with the broker-dealers. 

We’ll be by your side every step of the way. Our unmatched experience with the hundreds of offers we help orchestrate every year gives us unparalleled insights into the market. We know a good deal when we see one and know when there’s an opportunity to bump the numbers up and increase the size of your transition package. We won’t stop until we get you the best deal possible. 

Transition Time
The deal is done and it’s time to make a move, but you aren’t done with us yet! We work with you to help ensure a smooth transition. Once the transition is complete, we even offer you tools and strategies to unlock opportunities and continue to grow your business. We know the hard work you’ve put in and we want to help you achieve your goals and watch your business flourish. 

Transitioning to a new broker-dealer can be a tricky business. The process can not only be time-consuming but it’s filled with a fair share of roadblocks and pitfalls if you go at it alone. 3xEquity can not only help you navigate and avoid the obstacles, but we can also streamline and speed up the process, helping to make it as simple and smooth as possible. Best of all, with an Advisor Transition Consultant on your team, you’ll always know that you’ve asked the tough questions and gotten the best deal. 

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