Ted Lasso, BDs, and BBQ Sauce

Millions of people have watched the powerful scene from the TV show Ted Lasso where Ted humiliates his arch nemesis Rupert in a game of darts (Go ahead and watch it now).

At the risk of spoiling the scene, Ted delivers a powerful message via a quote misattributed to Walt Whitman, challenging his rival to, “Be Curious, Not Judgmental.”

Advisors should steal a page from that script. Too often, we judge potential career opportunities at other broker-dealers without knowing the full story.

What is one of the most powerful lessons that advisors can learn from the phrase popularized in the scene?

What you think you know might not be right.

A lot of broker-dealers have done significant work on themselves over the past few years.  They have taken advantage of the reset offered by the pandemic, maybe changed leadership, invested in culture as well as advances in technology. The industry itself is changing, So, going forward, you might do well to remain curious and consider:

  1. What you thought you knew might not be true now. Rupert judged Ted as someone who knew nothing about darts. Similarly, there are a lot of rumors amd second-hand information on the Internet about broker-dealers. It may be easier to accept those potential misperceptions as true, rather than do your own investigation by talking to objective industry resources, such as 3xEquity, the industry leader in facilitating career transitions within the wealth management space.
  2. How much is my practice worth? Ted knew how talented he was at darts and thus was willing to take a chance. Similarly, determining the real value of your practice is easier than ever. 3xEquity offers an Artificial Intelligence-infused tool, called “Secure My Offer,” on its website. This proprietary technology helps advisors determine the real value of their practice.
  3. Your next opportunity might look different. The back story on Ted Lasso is that he was a college football (American football) coach who was hired to coach a premier league football (British soccer) team.  That’s not even the same sport. Ted was willing to look at other opportunities in the sports industry, just like advisors should be open to other opportunities in the wealth management space. Going to a wirehouse or going independent might look as foreign to you from your current vantage point as football is from soccer, but perhaps they are worthwhile options.


“Being open is the key to finding your best fit as we step into 2024,” said Chris Stacey, the COO of 3xEquity. “If you make assumptions, you risk missing out on an opportunity to find your best fit.”

Go ahead and Be Curious right now.  Secure multiple custom offers while you remain 100% anonymous. Click here to begin.

Oh yeah, BBQ Sauce.

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