Taking Advantage of the Dog Days Of Summer

  • Combatting Complacency
  • No Risk, All the Reward
  • Searching for Greener Grass

We’ve officially hit the ‘Dog Days of Summer’. The term technically comes from the ancient belief that summer’s bright ‘dog star’ Sirius added heat to the earth during the summer. However, most of us equate the term with the monotony experienced during hot summer days when dogs (and people) tend to laze about exerting less activity than usual due to the uncomfortable conditions. 

It’s also a time when many of us tend to take it a bit easier and squeeze in a vacation to escape the monotony and grind of everyday life. Things slow down before the chaos of back-to-school sets in, allowing many of us to reassess and prioritize where we are and where we want to go. 

For advisors who have been on the fence or seriously thinking about making a change with their broker-dealer, the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ is the perfect time to investigate all their options. This summer, don’t let complacency set in. Instead, take advantage of the lull in activities by working with an industry-leading Transition Specialist, like 3xEquity, to show you what else is out there and help you explore all your options — without any risk or cost. 

As you enjoy your time away from the day-to-day, we work on your behalf to give you a clear view of the big deals that are out there. We protect your identity as we explore your options, keeping you 100% anonymous until you feel the time is right to meet with a potential firm. Additionally, the cost for our service is covered by the group that you end up choosing as your new home. So, with no risk to seeing what’s out there, the slowdown during the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ is a great time to dive in and see if the grass might be greener elsewhere. 

3xEquity has revolutionized the transition process, making it easier and more convenient for advisors looking for a new place to call home… here’s how it works:

  • We start by taking your practice data and securing multiple offers from top national and regional broker-dealers, keeping in mind your list of deal-breaker and deal-maker criteria, as well as your long-term goals.
  • From there, we set up meetings with the firms you wish to start a conversation with. By providing you with a list of must-ask questions for the broker-dealer, we help to guide the conversation and make sure you see the true picture of the firm.
  • After the initial meetings and creating a shortlist of firms you’re still considering, we’ll get right into the due diligence process, providing guidance, assistance, and support. We also do all the heavy lifting, presenting you with the latest data and information for each firm.
  • Next comes the big decision and negotiations. We’ll act as your sounding board as you weigh your options, keeping the focus on what you’re looking for from a broker-dealer and opportunities for long-term success. Once the decision is made, we’ll help with the negotiations to get you the best transition package and make sure there’s no money left on the table. 


Let 3xEquity spring into action this summer and set you up for a successful fall. With no risk, and all the reward, there’s never been a better time to explore your options.

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