Choosing The Right Firm – Culture Edition

BD Culture

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to making the decision on where to call home, some of which should hold a lot of weight in an advisor’s final decision. One of the important considerations should be a potential firm’s culture. In fact, according to a study by AdvisorHub and Edward […]

When Is The Best Time To Get A Practice Valuation?

when is the best time to get a practice valuation?

ASK THE EXPERTS: When is the best time to get a practice valuation? A: The best time to get a certified practice valuation for your wealth management business depends on your specific circumstances.  However, it may be beneficial to consider getting one: Before a sale or merger: This helps to determine the value of your […]

Who Will Be The Most Watched BD In 2023

Who will be the most watched BD in 2023?

Last November, major brokerage firms started announcing their compensation plans for the year ahead. While most remained relatively unchanged, with a few minor tweaks here and there, Merrill Lynch gave their comp plan its first major overhaul since 2009, stating the industry shift to advisory business as a big motivator for these changes.  The biggest […]

What’s Your Why?

whats your why

With every decision we make, there’s an underlying factor that drives our actions. A simple three-letter question that while not always acknowledged, holds a whole lot of power… why.  While your why may seem less critical when it comes to decisions like whether to work out or read a book, it is a huge motivator […]