What’s Your Why?

With every decision we make, there’s an underlying factor that drives our actions. A simple three-letter question that while not always acknowledged, holds a whole lot of power… why. 

While your why may seem less critical when it comes to decisions like whether to work out or read a book, it is a huge motivator when it comes to more life-changing decisions, such as what career to pursue and the place you decide to work at to build your career. When it comes down to it, knowing your why can be the difference maker in achieving your goals.

Why? Because your why is your intrinsic motivator, it’s what drives you and helps give you a sense of purpose. Connecting a “why” to any given goal that you have can help provide some clarity and make it easier to map out the path forward. 

As noted in a recent Harvard Business Review Article, a great way to determine the why and the reasoning behind your goal is to use the following statement:

“I want to _________ so that I can __________”.

When it comes to making a move, thoroughly thinking through your why can play a critical role in finding the right home for your business and that’s where 3xEquity can help you. Armed with your “why” information, we can help you find the right spot that you’ve been looking for. With our knowledge and relationships with top broker-dealers, having an inside look at your main motivators for making a move can help us find the right fit to meet your unique needs and goals. 

We recently helped an advisor whose main motivator for making a move was to find new opportunities to grow. Knowing this, we were able to help him successfully move his practice to a place that opened up new avenues for growth via acquisition.  

At the end of the day, answering the question of “What’s your why?” is key to finding the right home for your business. It will help give you a sense of direction and help you clear the path forward. 

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