The Best Time For A Move

best time for a move

Strategically Timing a Move Capitalizing on Growth Get Paid Twice Strategy When it comes to making the move to a new firm, there’s never going to be a best or worst time to switch firms. Advisors will always be able to come up with reasons why now isn’t the best time to start exploring their […]

What You’re Looking For

3xEquity Find What You Are Looking For

We often hear “But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” ringing through our ears, and it’s not because the great U2 song is playing through our speakers. It’s because advisors are trying to do their best by their clients and advance their careers — and that means they are on the move looking to […]



Advisors and industry folks are likely still shaking sand out of their shoes, recovering from 4 days at one of the most unique conferences festivals on the calendar.  The FutureProof Wealth Festival drew 3000+ this week to the Huntington Beach boardwalk for panels, palm pressing, and parties.  Couldn’t make it to SoCal?  The 3xEquity team […]

Filling Out Your Broker Report Card

3xEquity report card story

We’ve hit the end of summer, which means it’s back to school time as we head into the Fall. Kids are grabbing their supplies and lunches, catching buses, and hitting the campus quad. A new school year means a new curriculum and new opportunities for growth. As students set their sights on new pursuits, it’s […]

Looking To Move In 2023? Do These Things Now…

looking to move in 2023

September is here, but despite the warm weather  in some areas you can see the shifts…the shelves in retail stores are already lined with Halloween decorations and costumes. Before we know it, every time we walk into a store, we’ll be engulfed in a sea of Christmas decorations. If the retail sector has taught us […]

Keeping Up With Your Clients’ Evolving Needs


Your clients and their needs, values, and goals are changing in unparalleled ways, looking much different than they did even just a few years ago. To keep up, you need to follow suit and evolve alongside your clients to better serve the current shift in their needs and be best prepared for future growth opportunities.  […]

Kickoff Your Transition

We’re officially in August, which means fall is just around the corner, and with that comes the start of the football season. After witnessing the exciting way last season ended, with multiple playoff games going down to the final play, this upcoming season is bound to be full of excitement. The same can hold true […]

The Hidden Dangers Of A Comfortable Chair

It’s a universal human trait for us to seek out comfort. Our comfort zone is the place that brings us happiness and peace of mind. The sense of safety and predictability make the ins and outs of the day easier to handle and help to ease the worries on our minds. Advisors get in a […]

The Perfect 1-2 Punch

Shaq and Kobe. Scherzer and DeGrom. Brady and Gronkowski. What do these duos have in common? They’re some of the most dominant 1-2 punches in the history of sports. Iconic players are often thought of as a twosome because of the success they achieved when playing together, the success that may not have come as […]

LPL’s Secret Weapon

LPL secret weapon

We’ve told you about the hidden opportunity of making a move in a down market. While it might seem counterintuitive to make a transition when the market is down and volatile, it could be one of the better times to explore your options.  Just look at the success that LPL has had while the markets […]