Cresset’s Nesvold Resigns; Abrupt Departure Wasn’t A Surprise To Insiders

Cresset's Nesvold Resigns

The wealth management industry is abuzz with the news of Liz Nesvold’s resignation from Cresset. While her departure may seem sudden to some, insiders familiar with the situation reveal that it was a well-considered decision, driven by factors such as perceived limitations and frustrations arising from shifting mandates within the rapidly expanding Registered Investment Advisor […]

What Do 1,385 Financial Advisors Know That You Don’t?

Ok, so technically the number is higher, but to keep matters clean let’s just call it 1,385 advisors, 256 in the 4th Quarter alone!  That’s how much LPL’s advisor headcount jumped in 2023.   To quantify that further, $80 billion in recruited assets was added to LPL in 12 months by advisors walking up to […]

T3 Top 3: Our Takeaways From The FinTech Conference

Last week’s T3 conference in Las Vegas filled attendees pockets with new insights and fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of FinTech. The team from 3xEquity were there preparing the next episode of The FA Show (our collab with AdvisorHub) and as we strolled away from the exhibit hall towards the lights of the strip, […]

BlackRock And Bitcoin – Larry Fink Continues Crypto Roadshow Post Bitcoin ETF Launch

In a groundbreaking move that signals a significant shift in the financial landscape, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has embraced the world of cryptocurrencies by venturing into the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) space for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. (**the Ethereum ETF is still in the review process, but notably, BlackRock is 576-1 when it comes […]

Former First Republic Advisors Continue To Look For Greener Pastures (than JPM)

In a dynamic series of transitions within the California wealthmanagement landscape, Morgan Stanley experienced both gains and losses involving former First Republic advisors. Gregory G. Zappas, a seasoned broker who had produced $2 million in annual revenue from $500 million in client assets, recently joined Morgan Stanley from JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s brokerage unit in […]

What if I get hit by a bus?

Over the years, we’ve assisted hundreds of advisors in navigating the intricate process of transitioning to new broker-dealers. Recently, a pretty unique question came up in a conversation with an advisor discussing a promissory note: “What happens if I get hit by a bus?” (Curious fact: government statistics report 183 bus-related accidents daily, emphasizing the […]

Bitcoin ETF Approvals Force Advisors To Have Asset Allocation Conversations Based On Bitcoin Performance

Bitcoin ETF

In 2022, the RIA and BD industry experienced growth of 2.1%, boasting +450,000 investment advisors managing an impressive $514.1 trillion in assets for approximately 91.9 million clients. The industry’s expansion indicates the increasing reliance on investment advisors for managing diverse portfolios and navigating the intricate world of financial markets. Now, envision a scenario where even […]

About Face, Cresset Bolts Broker Protocol (after rejoining it months ago)

In a surprising move, Cresset has filed to withdraw from the Protocol for Broker Recruiting, marking its departure on the first day of 2024. This development comes merely eight months after Cresset rejoined the protocol and almost four years since the firm initially withdrew in February 2020. The Protocol for Broker Recruiting, established in 2004, […]