Quietly Hightower Continue To Expand

Highland Private Wealth Management, a prominent firm within the Hightower network, has strategically broadened its operations in the Washington area by successfully completing the acquisition of a proficient advisor team boasting assets under management totaling approximately $470 million. The strategic move involved the integration of Trellis Advisors, a well-established registered investment advisory firm hailing from Ellensburg, Washington, and founded by the esteemed financial professional, Ray Gilmour.

Ray Gilmour expressed his thoughts on the merger, highlighting the alignment of values between Highland and Trellis Advisors. He emphasized the shared commitment to principles of integrity and objectivity, core tenets that both firms consider paramount. A mutual dedication to adopting a comprehensive approach to wealth planning, coupled with the provision of analogous services aimed at constructing and fostering a flexible client-centric portfolio, solidified the decision. The integration is anticipated to be a seamless one, allowing for the evolution of services in tandem with evolving client needs. The prospect of amalgamation into the Highland organization was met with enthusiasm by Gilmour and his team.

With the inclusion of Trellis Advisors into the Highland fold, the total assets under management of Highland’s impressive portfolio are now catapulted to a substantial $1.9 billion. This move aligns well with Highland’s strategic growth objectives, particularly its determination to establish a more extensive footprint within the Pacific Northwest region. John Christianson, the visionary CEO and founder of Highland, articulated the significance of this development as a natural expansion in terms of geographic reach, thereby reinforcing their position as a leading wealth management entity in Washington state.

The noteworthy achievement of Highland’s expansion was lauded by Hightower’s chairman and CEO, Bob Oros. He commended the diligence and ambition exhibited by the Highland team, emphasizing their ability to realize substantial growth targets within a mere year since joining the Hightower network. Oros conveyed a steadfast commitment to perpetuating this momentum, pledging continued support for Highland’s aspirations—both in terms of strategic acquisitions like the one in question and organic growth endeavors.

In summary, the strategic acquisition of Trellis Advisors by Highland Private Wealth Management serves as a testament to the latter’s unwavering commitment to growth and excellence. Through this endeavor, Highland reinforces its core values while expanding its geographical reach and asset base, setting a trajectory for further success within the competitive wealth management landscape. The merger signifies not only a financial integration but also a convergence of values and aspirations, promising enhanced services and tailored strategies for the evolving needs of their cherished clientele.

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