Putting Time Back On Your Side

As the world opens back up, so do the doors of (and for) financial advisors. Face-to-face meetings are steadily making a comeback, and while video conferencing will never fully go away, advisors are starting to fill up their schedules with in-person meetings with their clients and prospects.

However, the rise of in-person meetings coupled with the current state of the economy is leaving advisors with a lot less time than they’ve had the last couple of years. The past few months have been riddled with advisors spending their time navigating the markets and helping to ease the minds of their clients that are worried about their portfolios… leaving little time to focus on themselves and their businesses. 

Of course, advisors should focus their attention on their clients during these turbulent times, but they shouldn’t lose track of their own goals and how making a move, even during these more challenging market conditions, could be the best thing for their clients and their careers. 

In the past, advisors may not have considered working with a transition consultant because they had sufficient time on their hands to do a lot of the work. In fact, 3xEquity’s Annual Advisor 2022 Survey, which comes out at the end of the month, shows just that. Of the 570 advisors who replied, only about 40% used a transition consultant to facilitate their move. 

While working with a transition consultant still is not the de facto norm, more and more advisors are starting to see the advantages of working with a consultant on their move. Working with a transition specialist, like 3xEquity, means that the advisors get time back on their side and can continue to focus on their clients while the consultant does all the heavy lifting. Additionally, the costs associated with making a move when you use 3xEquity are covered by the new broker-dealer or group that you will be calling your new home.

With 3xEquity on your side, you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to take the time away from your clients to do the search, secure the offers, complete the due diligence, and perform all the other tasks associated with making a move—and you can rest assured that with our experience and track record, we will find the right broker-dealer for you, your clients, and your business.

Remember, you’ll always have the time to move when you work with a transition specialist. So don’t put it off any longer and let 3xEquity help you explore all your options. Fill out the form below to get the conversation started… a brighter future is just a click away!

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