Next-Gen Clients Are Coming: Are You Ready?

  • The Big Opportunity in Boomers’ Wealth Transfer
  • The Right Approach for Next Generation Service
  • The Importance of Tech Enhanced Client Experience


You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to not only earn your client’s trust and business but to also keep it. Your client relationships are the backbone of your success. However, as your client base ages, you need to also focus on connecting with the successors of your existing clients and the next generation of investors? Advisors are being warned about how critical it is to have a plan and spend the time and resources to connect with the next generation. In turn, advisors are looking to their broker-dealers for guidance and resources on how to stay relevant with the next generation and capitalize on the current environment.

Millennials and Gen X investors are expected to inherit $6 trillion in wealth over the next decade. So, despite not having an advisor’s ideal level of assets currently, chances are they will soon and ignoring them could lead to missing a big opportunity. Starting with your own clients, you should have a plan to bridge the generational gap and provide the client experience this emerging powerhouse of potential expects from a financial advisor.

Connecting with this next generation of clients isn’t as simple as a traditional relationship with face-to-face meetings often with the head of the household. They are looking for more of a collaborative experience with a large focus on an enhanced, personalized digital experience. As the biggest shift of generational wealth continues, is your broker-dealer investing in and providing you the support and digital infrastructure to help you retain these next-gen clients?

The client experience, especially as it related to technology, is going to be a critical component for this new audience of investors. These ‘emerging wealth’ investors have a digital-first mindset and not providing a robust, integrated tech experience due to not investing in a top-tier tech stack can be the difference in a next-gen investor becoming your client or having them take their business elsewhere. 


If your broker-dealer isn’t taking the time and spending the resources to build a platform that will attract next-gen investors, then it might be time to find a new home for your business. You need a broker-dealer that’s doing all that they can to keep up, or even get you ahead, of the tech curve.

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