LPL’s Secret Weapon

We’ve told you about the hidden opportunity of making a move in a down market. While it might seem counterintuitive to make a transition when the market is down and volatile, it could be one of the better times to explore your options. 

Just look at the success that LPL has had while the markets went through a major pullback and the S&P 500 declined over 20%. They’ve managed to raise their advisor count and income despite it all, adding 780 advisors to their count after the first quarter of 2022. So, why all the movement?

While the uptick in advisors is partially accredited to mergers, such as the onboarding of assets from CUNA Brokerage Services Inc., LPL has continued to recruit advisors organically. They note that many advisors, once acclimated to the current climate, will use the time to consider different options for their businesses. 

As an industry-leading Transition Specialist, 3xEquity knows that advisors who stay on top of the latest broker-dealer offers, and the value of their business are better able to make a big move when the time is right — whether a bull or bear is raging, or the market is moving sideways.

Times of uncertainty can be a means for advisors to grow their practices and LPL is taking advantage of the situation and aggressively recruiting advisors. But with the markets down and subsequentially transition deals down, it begs the question of how they have been so successful. And the answer to that is, in part, through forgivable loans. LPL is known to use forgivable loans as a strategy to entice advisors to make a move, and chances are we’re going to see the use of forgivable loans increase as they continue to aggressively recruit new advisors to their ranks. 

Broker-dealers like LPL are leading the way in showing that a down market shouldn’t deter advisors from making a move. Let 3xEquity help you capitalize on the down market and help you find a better home for your business. In as little as two business days, we’ll secure you multiple offers from top national, regional, and local broker-dealers and help you determine which one is the best fit for you, your clients, and your business. 

The time is now to embrace the down market and see if the time is right for you to make a move. Remember, our services come to you at no cost and are covered by the new group you will call home, so exploring your options is easy. Additionally, you stay 100% anonymous until you’re ready to start negotiating — so there is no risk and everything to gain. 

Let 3xEquity help you navigate the current market conditions and help you discover if there is a new and better home for your business with an offer that allows you to propel your career and position you for even greater success. It starts by taking the first step and filling out the form below — a brighter future is just a click away. 

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