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We’re officially in August, which means fall is just around the corner, and with that comes the start of the football season. After witnessing the exciting way last season ended, with multiple playoff games going down to the final play, this upcoming season is bound to be full of excitement. The same can hold true for advisors thinking of upping their game and making a big move.

The long season starts with the kickoff and the goal of ‘winning it all’ in mind, but with no guaranteed path for exactly how to get there. All 32 teams want to be the last one standing come February 12th, 2023, when the game clock hits 00:00, but how can they get there? And just like advisors trying to reach new heights, there’s no ‘right way’ or formula to reach this goal — every team will take a different route and try to effectively execute a unique game plan based on their talents and team on their way to the playoff race. 

So, as we get ready for the pro football season to kick off, it’s time for advisors to think about their own season ahead and what goals they’re looking to achieve. Much like these teams about to embark on the new season, knowing how to achieve your goals and finding the right path toward success can be a difficult one. Looking at the current home (or team) for your book of business is a great place to start. Are you on a team that will propel you, one that has superstar qualities? If not, leverage the power of the Transition Specialists at 3xEquity to help you easily and quickly explore your options.


Think of us as your agent — one that will bring your season into focus by securing offers from top broker-dealers in just a few days. Making a move and finding a new home for your business can be exactly what you need to reach new levels of success and accomplish your goals. 3xEquity helps you zero in on your goals for the new season and find the right team to get the job done. And remember, there’s zero cost to you on our services, with the new team you join covering the big move — so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In just a few business days, we’ll secure you multiple offers, giving you the opportunity to find the firm that’s the best fit for you and your career path. From handling the recruiting offers to helping you strategize and define the best deal to coaching you on the terms of the deal and negotiations, we are there with you every step of the way. 

It’s time for you to move toward the big game with the confidence in knowing you have a clear vision of the goal, the right team for support, and a clear path forward. Kickoff your transition with 3xEquity on your team by filling out the form below — a winning future is just a click away.

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