Why Choice Is The Ultimate Super Power For Atria Advisors

We’ve written a lot recently about the dominance of LPL in the recruiting wars.  They are an absolute juggernaut right now with a value prop that is incredibly appealing to many advisors. So this next statement may seem strange – if you are an Atria advisor you might want to consider fielding offers from other BDs right now.

LPL just announced they are acquiring Atria which is an incredible feather in their cap – and to be honest it speaks highly of the job Atria was doing growing and building a corporate culture.

So why should an Atria advisor not be excited to just shift over to LPL? Choice.

“Decision Is The Ultimate Power.” – Tony Robbins

If you are an Atria advisor who felt LPL was the right place for you, you might have been better served getting a transition package and the support boost that comes with a move earlier.  Though Atria advisors will likely be well serviced it doesn’t match an offer that a growing firm would receive switching firms.

There are lots of reasons why going along for the ride might not make sense.  Also, securing offers from other BDs is a click away (easy, knowledge is power…).

We advocate every day for advisors to consider LPL and we will continue to do so, but our process is centered on finding the best fit for each individual advisor, and that includes what is the best financial decision for that specific advisor, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you are an Atria advisor, consider the power you hold by asserting your right to choose your own career path.  Once you have a few offers in hand you can compare them to LPL and make the best decision possible for you – not just the corporate entities involved in the acquisition.

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