Why Are So Many Merrill Advisors Moving Right Now?

We wrote about this a few weeks ago in a blog post entitled “Who Will Be The Most Watched BD In 2023”.

Well, it didn’t take long for this hypothesis to be proved out with real-life, big time deals including:

J.P. Morgan Advisors Woos $2-Mln Merrill Team in Boston


First Republic’s Hiring Spree Rolls on With $7.8-Mln Merrill Team in Beantown Suburb


J.P. Morgan Advisors Nabs $2-Mln Merrill NYC Team


By no means is the sky falling at Merrill, but it is likely more teams are looking at how the numbers will play out and have reached the conclusion that it is worth investigating whether or not the grass is greener elsewhere.

So what should current Merrill advisors be doing right now?

  1. ROLL UP YOUR SHIRTSLEEVES – Digging deep to understand how changes announced in 2022 and coming into light now truly impact comp/ability to earn in 2023 and beyond.  
  2. ASK YOURSELF HOW MUCH OF YOUR SUCCESS IS TIED DIRECTLY TO MERRILL’S SECRET SAUCE – Can you draw a straight line back to something special at Merrill? Or, have you been wearing their jersey all while developing your own version of secret sauce.
  3. ADD EXPERTS TO YOUR TEAM – Engaging a transition consultant like 3xEquity costs you nothing and our experience and insights can help you in the decision-making process.


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