What An In-House Recruiter Won’t Tell You

You’re searching for a new place.  You pull up to an open house and are greeted by the seller’s real estate agent.  You share what features you are looking for in a new house.  The agent may know of a house down the street being sold by another agent that exactly matches what you want, but their focus is on showing you the house they are selling because that is how they get paid…odds are they aren’t going to tell you about the other house.

You can think of an in-house recruiter at a BD like that seller’s agent.  They will do a good job pointing out all the houses’ strengths, but they only have that one house to show you.

It’s understandable that an in-house recruiter might not tell you:

  • the package on the table isn’t “our best offer”
  • the product mix that has helped you become successful isn’t 100% mirrored with them.
  • or another BD might be a better fit for you


These are tricky things for in-house recruiters to say out loud because most are compensated only when an advisor joins their firm – their goals aren’t necessarily aligned with yours.

In-house recruiters work very hard to get an advisor engaged and they only have one option to show you, so they will make a big effort to highlight their strengths over their weaknesses.    

99.9% of recruiters are honest and we aren’t trying to paint them as the enemy, we just want you to be aware that they aren’t paid to be an ally either.

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