The Keys To A Successful Partnership

  • Building on Mutual Trust and Respect
  • The Importance of Clear Communication
  • Sharing a Vision for the Future

These days, going independent on your own can come with a myriad of challenges. From digitally transforming your way of doing business to building your brand from scratch to taking full responsibility for just about everything, it can be hard to navigate without guidance and support. That’s why having a partner by your side can go a long way in building a successful business. As for independence, with the right, strong broker-dealer partnership, you can get the best of both worlds… the freedom of being on your own and the comfort of wirehouse-level support. 

But advisors know that not all partnerships are created equal. It takes work from both sides to build a strong, prosperous relationship; it won’t just happen by chance. Nurturing the relationship. and giving it the time and energy, it deserves, goes a long way in achieving growth and success. However, if you feel like you’re the only one putting in the effort to form a mutually prosperous relationship, it’s time to talk with a Transition Specialist like 3xEquity. 

Life’s too short and there are too many amazing offers and potential new homes for your business to be frustrated or dissatisfied. If you are thinking about making a big move and getting your share of independence and reward, here are 3xEquity’s 3 Keys to a Building a Successful Partnership: 

Trust + Respect 

These are the cornerstones of every enduring relationship. You want to work with a broker-dealer that you can trust and rely on while also giving you the ability to voice your opinions. On the flip side, you want a broker-dealer who trusts you enough to give you the freedom to handle your clients as you see fit. Being able to put small differences aside and respect each side of the partnership is critical to finding success. Working as your Transition Specialist, we help you separate the wheat from the chaff, providing you with a shortlist of potential broker-dealers that best suit your needs for both freedom and support.

Clear + Open Communications

Openness and transparency are critical in any relationship, whether personal or professional. Poor or lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings, conflict, arguments, and the breaking down of the foundation of trust and respect your partnership is built upon. Both sides need to set expectations and make them clear through open, honest communication. With clear and concise communication, advisors and broker-dealers can better understand each other’s needs and run more efficiently. Finding a new broker-dealer that embraces the open communication style you want and might be presently lacking is a big part of what we help advisors do every day.

Alignment of Vision + Values 

When you’re on the same page, it goes a long way in achieving success. If you don’t know where you’re going or where you want to go, how do you expect to get there? Having a shared understanding of the vision, values, and beliefs of both the advisor and broker-dealer is essential in creating a long-lasting relationship, reaching your goals, and finding success. Having an aligned vision and values can help bond lasting relationships through even the toughest times. If you’re not sure your current home shares your vision and values, we can help you locate and secure offers from the ones that do. It’s that easy.

A successful partnership can be monumental for an advisor looking to break into the independent space. But trying to find the right match all on your own is easier said than done. Having a Transition Consultant like 3xEquity by your side makes it easy to find the right home for your business. In a few days, we’ll secure you multiple offers from leading national, regional, and local broker-dealers all while you stay 100% anonymous. We help you find the right partner that has all the keys to unlocking your full potential and helping you find success. 

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