The Big Thaw

March is finally here, and the official start of Spring is right around the corner. With the number of Winter days dwindling, it’s time to shed those layers and watch the flowers bloom. Every year, we embrace the season of growth and renewal, and our thoughts turn to the same. It can be an exciting time for advisors as clients emerge from the Big Thaw with renewed interest in their financial outlook. The question is, “Will you be ready?”   

As people come out of hibernation and gaze into the sun after the long, gray winter, they’ll be turning to you, their financial advisors, for help. And just as the seasons change, so do the lives, and subsequently, the financial planning needs of your clients. They will look to you to guide them through the changes, especially after the bizarre year we all just experienced. It’s likely that many of your clients have switched jobs or experienced some setbacks, while others may have done quite well for themselves despite the pandemic. 

No matter what the case is for your clients, now is the time to get prepared for everything that Spring is going to throw your way. And if you haven’t been satisfied with the support, service, or technology resources provided by your current B/D, this may be the season for you to consider making changes too. With 3xEquity, you always have the opportunity to find the greener grass. With clients looking for extra guidance and advice during this uncharted time, you want to make sure you have access to the right tools, resources, and support to help your clients blossom. 

Spring is here, and if you’re thinking about making a change, turn to 3xEquity to help you secure multiple offers from some of the top B/Ds, as well as help you negotiate the best transition package. Step into Spring feeling confident that your business is going to reach its full growth potential.  

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