Tapping Into Your Inner Tom Brady

On Sunday, February 7th Tom Brady will step on the field for his record 10th Super Bowl appearance.  It will be his first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after 20 seasons with the New England Patriots.

Many wondered what Brady, who had spent 20 seasons with New England, was thinking in going to Tampa Bay.  Brady set every NFL QB success record during his time in New England.  What could he be expected to do with the Bucs?

Win.  It’s as simple as that.  

The jersey he wears and the tools he has access to (think: players, playbook, technology…) changed, but his preparation, mindset, and belief in himself wouldn’t.

This isn’t much different for advisors moving to a new broker-dealer.

In our most recent survey of advisors who had switched to a new BD, we found 79% of them were “Very Certain” or “Certain” they would move the bulk of their assets.  In practice,  about 80% ended up moving ¾ to 100% of their book, and only about 10% of those that moved, moved half or less of their book.

In his 2016 book, “Why Winners Win” Gary Pittard noted, “consistent results are the key contributing factor to lasting success”.  Success breeds success.  Winners Win.

At 3xEquity we work with hundreds of advisors each year as they consider switching to a new broker-dealer.  It isn’t uncommon for many to express concern about replicating their results with a new BD (despite the opportunity to move to a situation that may provide a much better infrastructure for growth, better products, technology, support, etc.).  We are sure Tom Brady had a moment of doubt as well, but then he looked back on the path he blazed through the NFL for the past 2 decades and said the common denominator here is me.

Whether he will win his record 7th Super Bowl ring is still to be determined, but getting to the big game again is a huge feat by any standard.

If you are curious about changing broker-dealers and understanding the opportunities available to you, let 3xEquity help you navigate the process.  From securing multiple offers while you remain 100% anonymous all the way through helping you negotiate the biggest payout possible, the team at 3xEquity is here to help you find your best fit and “win.”

We’ll leave you with this quote:

“You wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one.” – Tom Brady


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