“Am I A Bad Person?” For Switching Broker Dealers?

new Nike ad asks big question for advisors

Prefer to listen to this article as a podcast? Click here. Have you seen Nike’s new ad for the Olympics?  It’s titled “Am I A Bad Person?” and it uses that question to tap into the winner’s mentality in a unique and ultimately inspiring way.  Actually, inspiring might not go far enough.  A few seconds […]

How to Evaluate the Best Broker-Dealer for Your Practice

How to evaluate broker dealers

Choosing the right broker-dealer is a critical decision for financial advisors looking to transition their practice. Here are the key criteria to consider: Reputation and Stability    – Research the Broker-Dealer’s History: Look for a firm with a solid reputation and financial stability. Check their track record, client reviews, and industry standing.    – Regulatory History: Investigate […]

3xEquity CEO Featured On AdvisorHub Podcast

3xEquity CEO Featured On Podcast

In the most recent installment of the Tony Sirianni Podcast, AdvisorHub’s CEO Tony Sirianni welcomed Jeff Crosby, the Founder and CEO of 3xEquity. In this engaging episode, they delve into critical topics that every financial advisor should consider to stay ahead in the industry. Should You Change Firms or Stay Put? Jeff and Tony explore […]

34% Of Advisors Are Ready To Roll

Advisors Are Ready To Roll

The financial advisory industry is experiencing a notable shift, with over one-third of advisors expressing openness to changing broker-dealers. This phenomenon, often referred to as being “in motion,” signifies a readiness among advisors to move to firms offering better products, advanced technology, and enticing transition packages. The latest satisfaction study by J.D. Power sheds light […]

Why July Is The Best Time To Transition

As we settle into the sweet part of summer, financial advisors considering a move to a new broker-dealer might find that there is no better time than right now to start those transition conversations. July presents a unique opportunity for advisors to explore new horizons, make strategic decisions, and position themselves for a successful transition. […]

Growing Your Practice The David Goggins Way

In an earlier post we imagined how NY Times Best Selling Author Cal Newport would guide financial advisors looking to grow their practice. Newport’s books have shared space on the best sellers list with “Can’t Hurt Me,” by David Goggins.  What relevance does that book hold for advisors?  Let’s consider that question. David Goggins, renowned […]

Summer Reads For Financial Advisors: Our Picks For A Productive Summer (and beyond!)

summer reading list for financial advisors

Summer often provides the opportunity for more downtime, and time on a beach or in a hammock is a great opportunity to pick up a book. For financial advisors, this downtime can be used strategically to enhance professional knowledge. Staying well-read helps advisors stay ahead of market trends and evolving client expectations, and engage in […]

Unlocking Your Future: Top Tips for Advisors Switching Broker-Dealers

Deciding to switch from one broker-dealer to another can be a game-changer for financial advisors. The process, however, can be daunting and filled with numerous considerations. To help you navigate this transition smoothly, here’s a guide focusing on four key areas to evaluate when considering potential new firms. 1. Path for Growth Growth is frequently […]

[Updated] Atria Advisors Need To Control The Conversation In Acquisition

It’s been a few months since we first posted this story and we’ve spoken with a ton of advisors who are weighing their options.  Here are a few quick learnings (and an invitation to reach out for a more personalized consultation). It has been widely reported and we are seeing it too, LPL is offering […]