The ‘Perfect Storm’ For Recruiting Deals Continues Unabated; Not Slowing Down


Does anyone remember the recruiting pause about five years ago associated with the possible move to a fiduciary standard industry-wide? Feels like ancient history, doesn’t it? Yes, yes it does. Fast forward a half decade or so and what does the landscape look like now? Client assets have more than doubled over that timeframe; meaning […]

LPL Keeps Trying To Eat This Firm’s Lunch

lpl keeps eating osaic lunch

It’s been a big year for LPL on the recruiting front. Despite a recruiting slowdown across the industry in the first half of the year that saw the lowest levels since the credit crisis, LPL has seemingly climbed to the top, especially in their efforts to get talent from Securities America Inc. In the first […]

Navigating The Future Of The Financial Services Industry

navigating the future for fa

It’s no secret that the financial service industry is constantly evolving with new trends, new technology, and new niches constantly popping up. While staying current with the latest and greatest can be easier said than done at times, it’s necessary to try and stay competitive—if not one step ahead. The CFA Institute has recently established […]

3+ Things We Learned At FutureProof 2023

Is Crypto Creaking? Last year it seemed as if everyone at FutureProof was primed to go with crypto. They were just waiting for the big boys to bite assuming that once they did the opportunity gates would fly wide-open. Well, the big boys bit and…umm…crickets. The excitement has seemingly passed and now the big guys are […]

Quietly Hightower Continue To Expand

Highland Private Wealth Management, a prominent firm within the Hightower network, has strategically broadened its operations in the Washington area by successfully completing the acquisition of a proficient advisor team boasting assets under management totaling approximately $470 million. The strategic move involved the integration of Trellis Advisors, a well-established registered investment advisory firm hailing from […]

Edward Jones Keeps Losing Big Advisors To LPL

edward jones keeps losing big advisors to lpl

It hasn’t been widely reported, but there is an ongoing problem at Edward Jones. They have an LPL problem; a serious LPL problem. That problem has syphoned nearly $2B in client assets away from Edward Jones and into the hands of LPL. Edward Jones advisors and their culture are known for a specific setup, a […]

Stifel Goes On The Hunt; Amongst Suitors For Goldman Biz

stifel goes on the hunt

Numerous prominent players in the financial landscape have emerged as potential suitors for Goldman Sachs’ mass affluent wealth division, Personal Financial Management (PFM), as per sources well-acquainted with the situation. The list of potential bidders encompasses a substantial registered investment advisory firm, a collection of independent broker-dealers, and the regional brokerage firm, Stifel Financial. Goldman […]

Guess Who’s Back?

The financial services industry has been seemingly dominated by the rise in the number of RIAs, especially over the last few years. As a result, the major wirehouses, while still firmly established and prevalent, were more or less considered on the endangered or soon-to-be-extinct list following the impact of the Great Financial Crisis. While it […]

LPL Feasts On Another ($320M) Merrill Team Escaping The Limping Herd

lpl continues to feast recruiting

LPL Financial has recently welcomed a proficient advisory team, Veritas Legacy Wealth, to its 1099 model. This team made the transition from Merrill Lynch, where they managed approximately $320 million in assets encompassing advisory, brokerage, and retirement plans. Operating under the banner of Veritas Legacy Wealth, this team is situated in Amarillo, Texas, as confirmed […]

‘Perfect Storm’ For Recruiting Deals Continues Unabated; Not Slowing Down

perfect recruiting storm continues

Anyone remember the recruiting pause about five years ago associated with the possible move to a fiduciary standard industry wide? Feels like ancient history, doesn’t it? Yes, yes it does. Fast forward a half decade or so and what does the landscape look like now. Client assets have more than doubled over that timeframe; meaning that books are beefy […]