What’s Your Why?

whats your why

With every decision we make, there’s an underlying factor that drives our actions. A simple three-letter question that while not always acknowledged, holds a whole lot of power… why.  While your why may seem less critical when it comes to decisions like whether to work out or read a book, it is a huge motivator […]

FINRA Expands Focus In 2023

FINRA recently published its annual Examination and Risk Monitoring Program letter, which serves as a compliance guideline for firms. As part of this report, they’ve announced that their enforcement priorities for 2023 will include new areas of focus and priority.  In addition to their new areas of focus, which include fixed-income product pricing mistakes and […]

Recruiting Wire Review: 2022’s Top BD Winners (Net)

From war to Wall Street woes, 2022 was a year of challenges and big question marks across our economy and the globe. Despite all of that advisors still sought out new opportunities and potential by moving to a new firm. In this post we’ll take a look at the biggest recruiting winners on the BD […]

Curious About 2023 Comp Plans?

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Considering a move in 2023? Start here.

Pre-Transition Keys Setting the Stage Critical Letters to Draft There’s a lot of prep work that goes into a successful transition. You have to put in the hard work and careful consideration if you want your transition to go smoothly, it won’t just happen at the snap of a finger. After completing your due diligence […]

Tis The Season

For advisors that are thinking about making a move, the special gift on their wish list may be any number of improvements to client services, technology, infrastructure, and payouts. But one thing is for certain, a large majority of advisors that made a move in 2022 were motivated by growth potential—according to our 2022 Advisor […]

Top 3 Things We Learned At The Market Counsel Summit

There Are Opportunities in The Gaps Market Counsel President/CEO Brian Hamburger started off the event with a curious thought, that the “enjoyable client experience may not be scalable.”  That technology, as great as it is, can only do so much and at the end of the day, it is the advisor who truly makes the […]

Market Counsel broke advisor conferences forever…and why that’s a good thing

Our marketing guy Marc Sanders parachuted into the Market Counsel Summit in Las Vegas this week to conduct some interviews for the next episode of The FA Show, our collaboration with AdvisorHub, and he came away convinced that Brian Hamburger, and his team had pulled off something incredible…they created a safe space for one of […]

Making Your List, Checking It…

Making Your Wish List Proper Due Diligence  Exploring your Options   The holiday season is upon us, and we all know what that means… it’s time to shop! Stores are doing everything they can to entice you to stop in and find the hottest gadgets on their shelves. And with holiday shopping starting earlier and […]

The Time For Succession Planning Is Now

Succession plan

The Great Resignation Continues Finra’s Heads Up on Succession Preparing for the Unexpected   The COVID-19 pandemic has slowly become an integrated part of our lives, with spikes coming and going just as we see with the flu every year. While it’s gotten to the point where it is no longer imposing drastic changes to […]