Why Having A Current Practice Valuation Matters

Practice Valuation

Financial advisors often determine the valuation of their practice only near the time they plan to exit the practice. Worse, many do not have a solid, objective method for determining that valuation. According to the ’15 Fidelity RIA benchmarking study, only about 42% of RIAs undertake regular valuations on their own, and only about 52% […]

Resilience, Resolve, and Realization


Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and while harsh at first glimpse, it really speaks to a victory in the face of adversity. And, that’s exactly what we’ve seen from financial advisors all over the country. While very few would say that the coronavirus and subsequent shift to working […]

Thinking About Going Independent? 3 Reasons To Reconsider

not going independent

The current environment, in which most of us are working from home and many firms are still slow to reopen, has a lot of advisors considering the classic breakaway scenario and going independent. After all, the shift from working in an office to working remotely has many advisors feeling like they’re only one step away […]

The Elephant In The Room – Going Independent

Elephant In The Room

One of the biggest changes that came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was the switch to working from home. We all found ourselves no longer making a commute into the office and instead “commuting” from our beds to our kitchen tables, desks, or whatever other creative setup people have turned to.  he current environment, […]

The Net On Raymond James’ Increased Recruiting

Raymond James

Raymond James Financial recently released the firm’s 2021 fiscal second quarter results. The report shows that the firm saw a significant net increase of new financial advisors — 179 over March 2020 and 84 over December 2020. This brings their total head count to 8,327 financial advisors, a notable increase in comparison to past quarters. […]