Retention Bonuses Send A Signal To Advisors

When the media recently reported that “JPMorgan Chase & Co’.s traditional brokerage unit has begun dangling retention offers to some of the 200 brokers it acquired through its purchase of First Republic Bank’s assets earlier this month,” the news was no surprise to the RIA recruiting community. Afterall, Big Banks and their appreciation for talented […]

8 Things A Certified Practice Valuation Can Unlock

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of financial advisory practices, understanding the true value of your business is paramount. A certified practice valuation provides financial advisors with invaluable insights into their firm’s financial health, growth potential, and overall worth. In this cover story, we explore the significance of practice valuations and delve into specific examples of […]

The Never-Ending Revolving Door That Is Edward Jones

Curious about a move? Secure multiple offers now by completing the form below. Much has been made over Edward D. Jones & Co.’s stated goal to hire 1500 advisors in 2023. The firm had originally set that goal for 2022, but soon realized that that timeline was overly ambitious, as reported recently in AdvisorHub. The […]

how one advisor moved 94% of assets in 30 days & grew aum by $100 million In 24 months

Considering a transition but worried about timing?  Concerned about repapering in a turbulent market?  It might be time to let some of those fears go (and embrace the significant upside of outsized packages firms are still offering for top talent). In this exclusive conversation, we sit down with Jason Lambert, a PNW advisor who moved […]

The Rise Of The RIA Channel

The last few years have been marked by a notable rise of the registered investment advisor (RIA) channel within the financial services industry. Despite the slight decline in RIAs at the peak of the pandemic, which was likely due to infrastructure needs as a result of stay-at-home orders, the RIA channel continues to lead the […]

First Republic Death Spiral Creates Recruiting Feeding Frenzy

As this article is being constructed, First Republic Bank has lost 47 total advisors out of its wealth management division; out of roughly 200 total. In the past 40 days departures have greatly accelerated and more than 25% of the total wealth management professionals at the firm have decided to do business elsewhere. More than just […]

UBS Headcount Weakens, But Assets Grow Based On Recruiting Success

For nearly 24 months now UBS Wealth Management has been on a winning streak. Recruiting was uniquely robust in 2021 and 2022 and the fruits of that labor is finding itself onto the balance sheet of the bank. While top line headcount ticked just a bit lower, executives described the move to be associated with […]

Major Cuts Coming At UBS

Just a few weeks after UBS announced its takeover of rival Credit Suisse, UBS is preparing to make major cuts once the deal is complete. UBS Group AG is looking to cut its workforce by 20% to 30%, resulting in the loss of roughly 36,000 of the 120,000 full-time positions following the merger.  The predicted […]

Tearing Up The Repapering Myth

The demise of First Republic has given rise to an interesting question…are concerns over repapering overblown? For decades, advisors have been hesitant to leave their existing firms to pursue better opportunities for one simple reason – repapering. They worried the required paperwork to bring their clients with them would be too onerous for some clients. […]