What A Good Caddy Can Teach Us About Our BD Relationship

Masters Caddy Tweet ESPN

After the final stroke to secure the green jacket as the winner of the 2021 Masters Tournament, Hideki Matsuyama walked off the green with tears in his eyes while his caddy, Shota Hayafuji still on the green put the pin back in the hole, removed his hat and bowed after the historic win. All of […]

Does Your Current BD Spark Joy?

Marie Kondo For Advisors

Spring has finally sprung! The grass is looking a little greener, the trees are starting to bloom, and the time has come to shed the winter layers and embrace the season of growth.  The changing of the seasons also marks the start of the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Now’s the time when everyone across […]

The Tech Savvy Future Is Now

Financial Advisors Technology

It’s no secret that our lives are consumed by technology. We can get just about everything we need, all at the click of a button. How many ounces are in a cup? Just ask Siri or Alexa. What’s the score of the game? There’s an app for that. Looking for a dentist in your area? […]

The Importance Of Anonymity

The Importance Of Anonymity

Has there ever been a time when you wish you could go off the grid, that you could just be a fly on the wall? In today’s age, with all our advanced technology, anonymity can be hard to come by. Look at Twitter for example. A very vague description of a person can quickly lead […]

The New Normal

The New Normal 3xEquity

It’s been over a year since the world as we knew it came to a halt. It’s been a time filled with learning to be flexible and adaptable, as most of the country adjusted to working remotely. And while we’re getting closer to putting COVID-19 behind us as vaccines are distributed across the country, many […]

AdvisorHub Interview With Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby AdvisorHub

Only have a few minutes?  Here’s an edited version of AdvisorHub’s CEO, Tony Sirianni talk with Jeff Crosby, CEO & Founder of 3xEquity about transitioning during the pandemic and the art of matching advisors with the right firm. Want to watch the entire broadcast?  Here you go.  Follow this link for important information for advisors […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Make It To The Big Dance?

March Madness Story

The top collegiate men’s basketball teams in the nation that will be playing to bring home the hardware have a lot of parallels with financial advisors’ efforts to bring home new AUM. And while this might seem like a stretch, please hear us out – it may help elevate your game.  Here are 4 factors that […]

The Big Thaw

New blog post

March is finally here, and the official start of Spring is right around the corner. With the number of Winter days dwindling, it’s time to shed those layers and watch the flowers bloom. Every year, we embrace the season of growth and renewal, and our thoughts turn to the same. It can be an exciting […]

3xEquity Launches Mobile App For Advisors Curious About Changing Broker Dealers

Built for financial advisors who are curious about changing their broker-dealer and want to stay off the radar screen, 3xEquity’s mobile app for iPhone and Android devices is a one-stop resource for news, insights, events, and industry-leading transition tools – including 3xEquity’s exclusive Instant Offer tool which quickly and easily provides advisors with multiple transition […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions Decisions New Blog

The average person makes around 35,000 conscious decisions in a day. Many you make without even realizing it. Consider your morning: Did you decide to get out of bed or hit the snooze button? Did you choose orange juice or milk to go with your breakfast?  For advisors, our days consist of deciding what products […]