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As unsettled as this time may seem, for aggressive advisors it can actually be a good time.  The uncertainty that is swirling around provides a great opportunity for you to prove your value to clients by preemptively answering questions, calming fears, and providing access to top minds and data.

Your wholesalers are always asking what they can do to get in your good graces and here is a time to take them up on their offer.  We call it a “Market Volatility Call,” you may choose to call it something else, but what it is is an easy way to get multiple touches with clients, genuinely build goodwill, and solidify loyalty.

Here’s how it works.

Tap a portfolio manager you know to act as a guest presenter for a web call you will host.  Send out invitations to this free event 7-10 days in advance and then again 3-4 days before the event.  Utilize whatever web conferencing software you are most comfortable with (we are all settling into our favorites by this point, whether it is Zoom or UberConference etc.).  You host the call, asking key questions of the portfolio manager and generally guiding the conversation to squeeze out the best, most useful info and insights.

After the call is over send out a follow-up thank you along with a video link to view the presentation again or ideally share with a friend.

If you count the call itself, that is 4 touches with a client – all positive because you are providing a free yet highly valuable resource.  

Leverage the call content in some additional follow-up emails to all of your clients (whether they attended or not) and you’ve added even more potential touches.  Consider holding 1 of these a month until the world settles down a bit (and don’t forget to invite existing clients to suggest a friend or business colleague who may benefit from attending).

Disruptions create opportunities and we are excited to hear how you are growing your business during these challenging times. Leave us a comment below.


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