Signs Its Time For Change

  • Not Settling on Complacency 
  • Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve
  • Finding Time for Your Clients

There comes a time in almost every career when an advisor outgrows their current situation and knows it’s time to move on. However, for many, fear of the unknown prevents them from moving forward. There’s no denying that making a significant change can be both formidable to commit to and challenging to accomplish, especially when that change is going to affect others. But fear not, as many advisors before you have successfully made the big move and have no regrets! 

When you come down to it, change is a catalyst for growth. Staying in a place that feels comfortable but isn’t helping you make strides in your business isn’t an ideal situation for advisors looking for growth. You must form the resolve and conquer your fear of the unknown to achieve new heights for your business. Why? Because survey results overwhelming suggest that advisors that make the big move do so without experiencing the nightmarish scenarios they may have envisioned. Check out our latest survey on advisors who faced their fears, made the move and are now reaping the rewards. 

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” We all worry about the unknown, but advisors have unique worries associated with finding a new home for their business that are warranted. But remember, those are not barriers… just obstacles that can be navigated. Working with a Transition Specialist is the ideal solution. They will shed light on the unknown, provide guidance so you stay within the guardrails, find you the right offers, and help negotiate on your behalf. 

Put your fear on pause knowing you will have the support of a group like 3xEquity by your side. Focus on whether it’s time to make a move and if it is, we’re here to help. Not sure? Here are 3 signs that it might be time to make a change.


Lack of Opportunities

When asked, most financial advisors will tell you that they’re always interested in finding new ways to grow their business. But growth and complacency don’t mix. How do you expect to grow when there are no more mountains to climb and challenges to explore? If your broker-dealer isn’t helping you find new, exciting opportunities for growth, it might be time to look elsewhere. 


Outdated Technology

Technology has taken over just about everything nowadays and if you aren’t staying ahead of the technology curve, you’re falling behind. More and more clients are coming to expect a robust, online client experience and portal that provides a seamless digital experience. If your current home is lacking in client-facing technology, that’s not a good sign. Having top-tier digital tools and services also go a long way in better facilitating your workflow, so you save time to focus on other areas of your business. 

Insufficient Support

A big reason for partnering with a broker-dealer is getting the additional support to help run your business. From marketing and compliance to back-office support and practice management, getting adequate support gives you time to focus on your clients and building your business. A lack of support can not only affect how much you enjoy your job, it can negatively impact your client relationships and stunt the potential growth of your business. 

Change can create fear and anxiety, but change is the key for many advisors to unlock their growth potential and better serve their clients. Not satisfied with your current situation? Want to grow your business and are considering a move? Fear not, 3xEquity will make the move successful and easy. 

We guide you through the whole process, working as your personal transition specialist. There’s nothing to fear, in fact, we can secure you multiple offers from leading national and regional broker-dealers in just a few days – all while you stay anonymous. Take the first step and visit to learn how we can help you make a change and find a better home for your business. 

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