Separating The Tricks From The Treats

  • Understanding the Nuance of the Offers
  • Making Sure You Find Treats, Not Tricks
  • Saving Time & Making Transitioning Easy

Halloween season is finally here. For advisors knocking on doors and seeing what other broker-dealer options are out there, going it alone may lead to getting more tricks than treats. After all, finding the best broker-dealer for your business that fills all your needs can get scary. There are so many types of offers and unique language surrounding those offers that taking the DIY route can end up costing you time and money, when, both are easily avoidable. 

As an industry-leading transition specialist, 3xEquity knows the neighborhood and will be your expert leading the way and securing offers from the right new potential homes for your book of business. And, the new home that you select covers our fees — so working with us comes at no charge to you. DIYers beware, without guidance from a transition specialist, you just might find yourself spending precious time and resources when you can afford it least, only to end up accepting a deal that is too good to be true or wrapped in a costume of its own. Here’s why.

Transition deals can be filled with all sorts of jargon and fees that are not always easy to understand—and to make matters worse, not all broker-dealers use the same language in their offers. You could have two nearly identical offers that, due to the language and presentation, look very different. How can you make a true apple-to-apple comparison when one of the offers may be in disguise? When the language is so nuanced from firm to firm, it’s easy to get tricked and end up in a place that isn’t the right fit for your business. We help you avoid all that by taking the time to explain the terms of deals and helping you not only find the right fit but avoid leaving any candy on the table.

Working with an industry-leading Transition Specialist, like 3xEquity, can be just the treat that advisors are looking for as they plan their route to a new and better home for their business. When you work with us, you get three significant treats: expert insight and experience, time savings, and no costs. We can help you secure multiple offers in just a few days from top national, regional, and local broker-dealers, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that the heavy lifting is being well taken care of. And with all the fees for our services being covered by the new broker-dealer that you’ll call home; our expertise comes at no cost to you. 

So, this Halloween and throughout the Fall, get out there and don’t be scared. Let 3xEquity help you fulfill your needs to advance your career and do better by your clients with offers that are treats, not tricks. Just fill out the form below and discover a new and better home for your business—a brighter future is just a click away.  

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