Resilience, Resolve, and Realization

Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and while harsh at first glimpse, it really speaks to a victory in the face of adversity. And, that’s exactly what we’ve seen from financial advisors all over the country.

While very few would say that the coronavirus and subsequent shift to working remotely was an ideal situation, it gave many advisors the opportunity to enhance their ability to be a business owner and learn to overcome whatever life throws their way — and through that, many have gained the resolve to take their careers and businesses to the next level.

We have all had ample time to reevaluate just about everything. As the pandemic has droned on, many advisors have had to reassess various aspects of their business, one of the biggest being their location and if office space was even needed.

We all see how capable we are of working from almost anywhere, and it has some advisors considering giving up space and relocating somewhere else in the country. On top of that, our “new normal” advisors are reexamining the different facets of their business such as growth, technology, and staffing and coming to grips with whether what they have can take them where they want to go.

A big part of being a business owner is learning to adapt and overcome the hardships that get thrown your way. In the last fourteen months, financial advisors have found themselves doing just that – adjusting to working remotely and finding innovative ways to stay connected with their team and their clients. 

For many, the pandemic has served as an eye-opener, allowing them to realize they could enjoy their business life and personal life much more. But, the shift to remote working also made some business owners take on more of the back office and practice management tasks, taking away from their time with clients. These realizations have allowed advisors to discover the exact kind of help they need to run a better business and focus on what’s truly important to them – their clients and family.

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