Navigating A Move With Clients – What You Can And Can’t Tell Them

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Officially deciding that you’re going to make a move is an exciting time for an advisor looking to take their business to the next level. With such big news, we know how enticing it can be to share it with everyone and anyone, especially if the move was a long time coming. Equally, many advisors also have anxiety over the number of clients that will make the big move with them. While the urge to share the news can be hard to bottle up, it’s one you have to fight or risk derailing the transition altogether.

When looking to make a move, it’s natural for advisors to wonder, or even worry, about whether or not their client will make the move with them. After all, they’ve worked so hard to earn their trust and build a strong relationship and want to see it continue even after the move. But reaching out to try and gauge what they would do if the advisor chooses to move can be one of the worst things a transitioning advisor can do.

Whether the firm you’re leaving is a part of the broker protocol or not, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the move to yourself and try not to drop any hints to your current clients. Avoid discussing any specifics around a move or potential move, keep the move date under wraps and never ask a client if they will follow you – even hypothetically. It’s also very important for an advisor to know what information they can and cannot take with them when they leave as they begin to form a communication strategy after the move is complete.

Enter the Transition Specialist. 

Having guidance from a group, like 3xEquity, that has successfully helped thousands of advisors make the big move is one of the best courses an advisor can take when getting serious about making a move. They will help layout the proper path to take and point out the potential pitfalls along the way. They can also help advisors gain peace of mind during the whole process. Our most recent study of advisors that made a move indicated that an overwhelming majority of the clients made the move with them.

Additionally, a Transition Specialist will help you field, filter, decipher and help you negotiate the offers so you do not have to worry about leaving money on the table or misunderstanding the often complex contract language and terms. 

After the move is complete, a proactive client outreach strategy should be put into place — one that explains to your clients the reality of the situation and lets them know that you would have liked to discuss the move with them but legal and contractual obligations kept you from doing so. Receiving guidance in this phase is also crucial as it constitutes the first client touch post-move and your time is even more taxed than usual.

Thinking about a move but not sure how to get the process started? Let 3xEquity be your Transition Specialist. We’ll help you find a great new home for your business, guiding you along every step of the way and making sure you get the most out of your move. In just a few days, we will secure you multiple offers from leading national and regional broker-dealers – all while you stay anonymous. 

Make the big move easy. With 3xEquity by your side, you can be confident that success is in your future. Visit today to get started.

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