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Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, became a big hit during the height of the pandemic while most of the world was sticking to the confines of their homes. People were taking to social media and YouTube to figure out how to tackle projects they may have otherwise outsourced or brought someone else in to take care of. With the newfound excess time on our hands, it was a great way to stay occupied and keep our minds off the pandemic. Whether we saved a few bucks or did it as well as a pro could have, it wasn’t a going concern—but that’s no longer the environment we are in.

As many people learned in their attempts at DIY, some projects can be more efficient and better handled by experts. Bottomline: it gets done right and takes far less time. The same holds true in the financial services industry. While the DIY route can be successful, it’s not generally recommended. After all, you wouldn’t advise someone to handle their investments themselves over working with an advisor. 

It’s no different for advisors looking to make a transition to a new broker-dealer. Can they be successful going at it alone? Sure, and many still do, with our 2022 Advisor survey showing only 40% of advisors worked with a transition consultant. But the reality is that the DIY route is not the best, or most efficient, option for advisors—especially in the current environment where advisors have anything but excess time on their hands. 

Just as you tell your clients to leave their investments to you, we encourage you to leave the broker-dealer search to us. Working with a transition specialist, such as 3xEquity, not only gives you time back but also gives you up-to-date, relevant, and thorough information on the potential firms that you’re considering. And best of all, there is no cost to the advisor for our services, as the broker-dealer you select as your new home will cover our fees. 

So, taking the DIY route isn’t saving you money… it’s simply costing you time and putting yourself in a position where you will potentially make a far less informed decision. Remember, this is your career, not an at-home improvement or outdoor project. You deserve to get the guidance and insight to make the best decision—and that’s where we come in.

We do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to continue focusing your efforts on your clients. In a matter of a few business days, we’ll secure you multiple offers from top regional and national broker-dealers. From there, 3xEquity is by your side every step of the way, helping you understand the nuanced differences between the offers, setting up meetings, providing talking points and questions, and helping you negotiate the best deal possible. Sound better than the DIY route? That’s because it is.

Why go at it alone when you can have 3xEquity on your side for no additional cost? Our service fee is covered by the firm you end up with and our track record, insights, and experiences give you a perspective that rises above what many can do on their own. Now is the time to forgo DIYing and team up with a trusted partner to find you the best home for your business. Enter your information below and put your transition into the hands of our experts—a brighter future is just a click away.

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