Making A Move To A Better You

  • Reconnecting With Your Unique Joy
  • Finding New Opportunities for Growth
  • Gaining Clarity and Confidence in Your Future


One of the biggest motivators an advisor has for making the move to a new broker-dealer is being able to better serve their clients and provide them with the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals. After all, advisors are entrusted with the responsibility of guiding their clients’ financial future — and the sense of accomplishment and joy they feel when successfully doing so speaks to the reason so many elected to pursue the profession. 

With the abundance of broker-dealer offers and models to currently choose from, advisors can focus on the exciting benefits that will improve their abilities to guide their clients and empower them to stay on track. Enhanced infrastructure, robust marketing support, superior practice management, and powerful online tools usually top the list of ‘must haves’ for your clients, but don’t forget about the opportunity to also empower the ‘better you’ when making the big move.

There’s no denying there are huge benefits for your clients to be had… time savings and new resources that can be devoted to client relationship building and business development are two of the big ones. But don’t overlook the personal benefits of making a move as well. Even if your current broker-dealer is providing adequate support for you and your clients, if it doesn’t seem like the right personal fit or you are not enjoying the job as much as you once did, it might be time to find a new home for your business. 

Making a move with your own best interest at heart can be an intimidating thing, especially if your clients are all happy and getting what they need. But there are some great reasons why the personal benefits of a move should be factored into your decision. 

Here are 3 reasons why a switch might be the right move from a personal standpoint:

Reinvigoration – Many advisors get into the business because they have a passion for helping others and seeing them achieve their dreams. While that never truly goes away, sometimes the tediousness of the same routine day in, and day out can be enough to drag on the joy of their work. A change of scenery might be exactly what an advisor needs to help them rediscover why they chose this line of work and reinvigorate their passion for helping others. 

Personal Growth – Getting outside of your comfort zone is never easy but doing so can lead to personal growth opportunities that you can’t plan for. A new environment can be exactly what you need to find new ways to flourish and grow as a person and professional. Whether it’s from a new finding a new mentor at a new firm or the opportunity for ongoing education, making a move can be the change an advisor didn’t know they needed.  


Vision and Goals for the Future – Complacency and comfort at your current broker-dealer can lead to you getting stuck in a rut and losing focus of the overall vision you’ve built for your business. It’s easy to get sucked into the monotony of the job, pushing the goals and vision for the future of your business to the back of your mind. A change of pace might be exactly what you need to clear your head and refocus on where you want your business to go. A new broker-dealer might be able to provide a new perspective and help you shape the vision of your business in new, enticing ways.


As a leading Transition Specialist, 3xEquity knows that putting yourself first isn’t an easy thing, especially for advisors whose primary focus is best serving their clients. But advisors should look inwards to consider their own wants and needs and recognize that the true ability to best serve clients comes from them — and the quality of their professional life is the key driver to success.


If you’re ready to start exploring new options and opportunities for you and your business, look to 3xEquity to be your Transition Specialist. We’ll help you through the entire process, guiding you every step of the way to find the perfect home for your business. Still not sure? In a matter of days, we can secure you offers from leading national, regional, and local broker-dealers – all while you stay 100% anonymous. So, there’s no risk — only potential reward. It’s time to put your needs first and find a firm that gives you and your clients what is needed to find success.

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