LPL Raises (Again)

As reported this week by AdvisorHub, LPL is keeping their foot on the gas pedal when it comes to transition deals, raising 

“… bonuses to as much as 100 basis points on assets under management for brokers who generate at least 70% of their revenue from recurring fees in advisory accounts, according to recruiters who were briefed on the deals in the last two weeks. 

The bonus also includes a deferred element for brokers who transfer more assets than expected, which makes it more lucrative than a current offer of around 70 to 80 basis points, recruiters said.

The new offer, which headhunters said will be open to candidates who join this year, is being marketed to advisors from some of LPL’s largest rivals, including Ameriprise Financial and Advisor Group,”

There is no doubt 2023 is off to a hot start when it comes to transitions and LPL, who has topped the recruiting charts for the past 4 years in a row is showing no signs of slowing in the race for top talent.

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