Our Own Champion Lisa Levels Up At Lavaman

When was the last time any of us really faced our fears?

Lisa Johnston, a senior analyst here at 3xEquity just did, finishing her first-ever Triathlon in Kona,Hawaii (1-mile swim, 25-mile bike, and 6.2-mile run).

Not only did Lisa finish, she thrived.  Swimming has been her most challenging discipline to learn and unfortunately for her, the wind and waters of the Pacific Ocean in Kona were not in her favor on race day. It was the roughest morning for swimming the race has seen in the past 15 years. Instead of quitting or more understandably, not starting the swim, she finished in 54 minutes. It wasn’t the fastest swim, but she faced her fears, saw through her commitment, and got out of the swim with a memory for a lifetime (she even flashed a smile).  

Lisa went on to have a great bike on the Queen K highway where the Hawaii Ironman is held and finally got in her comfort zone on the run to finish her first-ever triathlon.  

Did you know not only is Lisa a great analyst for 3xequity, but she is also one of the top Cross Country High School coaches in her state?  

One last tidbit for the record books: did you know Lisa is my wife’s twin sister, which makes her my sister-in-law!!!!

Congratulations to Lisa for facing her fears. Are you facing the uncertainty of what it means to be a free agent and move firms and maximize your potential? If you are, please reach out to us and we will help show you what is possible.

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