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We’ve returned to “normal” or at least our new normal after going through the height of COVID that saw most Americans working from the confines of their homes. But as people start heading back into the office comes the new debate on the best work environment. Should employees be expected to go into the office full time or is a hybrid model the best option?

There’s no good answer to what work environments should look like and what type of model employers should deploy. Every employee is going to have a different set of preferences based on what environment they feel they work best in. Initially, many thought that working from home was restrictive and difficult, but now some people want to hold on to what is seen as a more liberating and convenient environment.

Taking a close look at the policies firms are setting can be a big indicator of what their culture is like and moving forward is becoming a swaying factor in advisors’ decisions when switching firms. The pandemic has shown us how capable we all are of working from just about anywhere and advisors will now have the opportunity to find a firm that adheres to the kind of work environment that they’re looking for. Why not have your cake and eat it too?

As industry-leading Transition Specialists, 3xEquity sees a shift in the dynamic of the ever-changing work environment. Today, advisors have more control and power to find a firm that conforms to the type of policy they’re looking for, whether that be in-person, hybrid, or fully remote. Performing at your best is a by-product of your environment; if you are not happy with your current home or their policies, now is the time to act.


So, if you’re looking for a little more flexibility, or want a firm that has fully returned to the office, changing firms can make that possible. 3xEquity can help you find a firm that fulfills your work environment needs and can help you achieve your business goals. We’ll help you sort through your options and find the best new home for your business, all while you stay 100% anonymous. 

The time is now to take control and find a work environment that you can thrive in. Fill out the form below to get started. A brighter future is just a click away.

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