3 Takeaways from the T3 Tech Conference

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Additional thoughts:

Tech Tools Dominate But Not Everyone Is On Board

The T3 survey is a great read, packed with details on adoption and satisfaction of everything one would need to run a modern day firm, but not everyone is running a modern day firm. Even in 2023.  Now by no means is this the majority, but it is interesting to think that there are still some folks out there running old school operations.  The aging of advisors clearly has something to do with that and perhaps we’ve reached “peak” there, with some reaching the point of “I’m not going to change anything and will retire like this” and others adopting the technologies that will ensure an easier succession or sale.

You can secure your own copy of the survey results report at https://t3technologyhub.com/

OpenVRM Aims To Help Open The Kimono

The OpenVRM age kicked off at T3, with significant overlap in the leadership of both the conference and platform.  Intended as a Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Platform for Vendors and their Clients to Solve Multiple VRM Challenges in Harmony, OpenVRM aims to streamline the process of comparing vendors – which is particularly challenging when so much of what differentiates offerings falls into the secret sauce category.

Vendors and Clients will find access to the free resource at https://openvrm.com/

Conferences Are Really Back

We’ve attended a few conferences in the “post-Covid” era and this one was the first to feel like “old times.”  The exhibit hall floor was packed and seemingly productive and the education tracks played out in front of mostly full rooms.  The T3 leadership team programmed the event with very clear goals in mind and most attending probably left feeling like their experience was more communal than individual.  I think that goes a long way.  We’ve all spent too much time these past few years on our own islands – every now and again feeling part of something bigger (industry vs. even our own labels) is important.

Look for full coverage on an upcoming episode of The FA Show, our collaboration with AdvisorHub.  Including interviews with speakers and more footage from the conference.

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